Apple iPhone 13 conference: how to watch and what to expect


Epidemic period Elastic vortex may keep you wondering What day is today, But there is at least one certainty in the field of gadgets each fall: Apple Will launch new iPhoneApple will host its annual fall hardware event on Tuesday. As usual, the entire technology industry (and anyone who thinks it’s time to buy a new iPhone) will watch online to understand Apple’s response and promote consumer technology trends.

We must know one thing next week: there will be at least two versions of the new iPhone. (The pending determination of whether it will be called “iPhone 13” or whether Apple will determine the number naming convention is starting to become a bit ridiculous.) Bloomberg’s report by Mark Gullman The hint that some of the biggest improvements for the new iPhone will be camera features, including higher-quality video formats, bokeh effects for video shooting, and “smarter” filters. Unsurprisingly, the new iPhone will also be equipped with Apple’s latest customized chip, and finally catch up with Samsung’s flagship mobile phone in the screen refresh rate.with Investor report by Dan Ives of Wedbush Securities It implies that the high-end “Pro” model of the new iPhone may have storage options of up to 1 TB.

A roundup of other rumors pointed out that as part of the fall hardware release, the redesigned iPad mini and the new AirPods. The invitation to the virtual event included a reference to “California Streaming” and included a picture indicating that augmented reality may be part of the event. (There is even a AR Easter Egg Hidden in the invitation. )

Some of the more important news may be about no Book now for next week: Apple Watch. Apple Watch Series 7 It is said to be delayed Due to production problems, although some reports also indicate that the obstacles may be cleared in time. The production delay of a mature product indicates that whenever a Series 7 watch is launched, it may include major design changes or include new features beyond the scope of ordinary activity tracking. But this also shows that Apple is not immune to manufacturing issues or supply constraints that affect other consumer technology industries.

Apple’s fall hardware event also occurred during the company’s liquidation. So far, it has survived the pandemic as well as many technology companies. Consumers have demanded the use of smartphones, tablets, laptops and Internet services to achieve remote work, study, exercise, relaxation and contact. . But this year, Apple’s overall influence and its impact on our lives have also attracted more and more attention. Epic Trial,company’s Presence in China,controversial Decide (and then Walk back) Scan iCloud photos, even turmoil In its own American workforce. iPhone releases are no longer just iPhone releases. Again, for some consumers who just want to know whether they should buy a new iPhone… this is the iPhone release.

How to watch

Apple’s speech will be from 1 p.m. Eastern time, 10 a.m. Pacific time, exist Tuesday, September 14. You can stream it in the player above.You can also view the flow Apple’s website Or in the company’s YouTube channel.

You can also watch it in the Apple TV app. Since Apple has its own streaming service, it also has dedicated video applications on mobile devices, Apple TV boxes, Roku boxes and some smart TVs. Regardless of whether you subscribe to the monthly Apple TV+ streaming service, you can open the app and find the option to stream Tuesday’s events.


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