Apple executives surrendered to Ford, hitting automotive ambitions


Ford Motor Company Update

An executive responsible for Apple’s secret car project has left Ford, and this distressing departure may mean the end of the iPhone manufacturer Car ambition.

Doug site He joined Apple as the vice president of special projects for the electric car manufacturer Tesla, where he served as the senior vice president of engineering at Tesla. The American automaker announced on Tuesday that he will lead Ford to develop a cloud-based platform for the next generation of connected cars.

He will become Ford’s Chief Advanced Technology and Embedded Systems Officer, effective Tuesday, and will report directly to CEO Jim Farley.

“This is a blow to Apple’s ambitions in the automotive field,” Wedbush analyst Dan Ives said. “For Ford, this is a coup.”

Field declined to comment on whether his departure marked the end of Apple’s car project. According to two people familiar with the matter, shortly after Ford announced the news, Apple’s personnel in charge of the project were asked to listen to the briefing.

The departure is a setback for Titan. The history of this Apple car project can be traced back to 2014. It has undergone many changes in strategy and personnel, including three major initiatives earlier this year.

In February of this year, Benjamin Lyon, one of the founders of the project, left Apple after working for the rocket startup Astra for more than two decades. Jaime Waydo is a former Google self-driving project engineer who led Titan’s self-driving team to Cavnue, a connected road startup. Dave Scott, head of the Titan robotics team, left in May to lead the medical device group Hyperfine.

All three report to Field, who is responsible for the daily operations of the Apple Car project. Field reports to David Giannandrea, head of Apple’s artificial intelligence and machine learning department, which oversees automotive projects.

Farley said that as the automotive industry promotes the development of electric vehicles and self-driving cars, the arrival of Field is a “watershed moment” for Ford, and he has played a key role in launching Tesla’s best-selling Model 3 car.

Field will work closely with Ford’s Chief Product Platform and Operations Officer Hau Thai-Tang and oversee the company’s embedded software and hardware divisions.

Gartner analyst Mike Ramsey (Mike Ramsey) said that Ford may be “very interested in learning how to become more like a technology company.”

Field worked as a development engineer at Ford from 1987 to 1993, and he said he “felt a deep connection with the company.” “As long as I can remember, Ford products have been in my life,” he added.

“The F-150 on my father’s farm, and the 65-year Continental picked us up at my wedding. When I discovered the magnificence and elegance of the Model T design, I was thrilled,” Field said. “I am grateful for the opportunity to help… to prepare Ford for the next hundred years.”

Apple said in a statement: “We thank Doug for his contribution to Apple and wish him all the best in the next chapter.”

Through its Car projectLater, Apple tried to imitate Tesla’s strategy of creating electric vehicles with autonomous driving capabilities. It publicly tested its self-driving hardware and software on California roads, but never revealed the final exterior design of the car.

Although there are few details about the project, some analysts are enthusiastic about Apple’s potential to enter an increasingly competitive market.

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