Anonymous leaked large amounts of data from right-wing web hosts


Hacker group anonymous Claiming to obtain gigabytes of data from Epik, Epik provides domain name, hosting and DNS services to various customers. These include the Texas Republican Party, Gab, Parler, and 8chan, as well as other right-wing websites. The stolen data has been released as a seed. The hacker group stated that the data set is more than 180 GB in size and contains “data from the company’s ten years.”

anonymous Say that the data set is “everything needed to track the actual ownership and management of Internet fascism. Researchers, activists, and almost everyone avoid this.” If this information is correct, Epik’s customer data and identities may now be wrong. In the hands of activists, researchers, and almost anyone who is curious.

Decades of Epik content, now in the torrent near you

Epik is a domain name registrar and network service provider known for serving right-wing customers, some of which have been rejected by more mainstream IT providers due to offensive and sometimes illegal content hosted by customers.

After the “Texas Heartbeat Act” was signed into law this month, Anonymous’ activities began with what the organization called “Operation Jane.” Restrictive abortion laws allow individuals (not necessarily government agencies or police) to enforce a six-week abortion ban. According to the bill, any Texas resident can file a civil lawsuit against anyone who commits or assists an illegal abortion and requires at least $10,000 in damages.

The statement announcing the hacking is spot Reporter Steven Monacelli Humanize Provided by Epik supporters.

The data set includes various SQL databases that contain customer records associated with each domain name hosted by Epik. Ars analyzed a small part of the leaked data set, including what one source said was an Epik employee mailbox, which contained a letter from Epik CEO Rob Monster.

Members of the reporting website Distributed Denial of Secrets (DDoSecrets) also produced a data set usable Provide services to those who cannot use seeds through other means.

“We are not aware of any violations. We take the security of customer data very seriously, and we are investigating the allegations,” an Epi​​k representative told Ars.

Hackers change Epik’s knowledge base to simulate the company’s response

Anonymous also tampered with Epik’s knowledge base to mock the company for denying violations.

“On September 13, 2021, a group of children who claimed to be “Anonymous” who we had never heard of[d] Honestly, get all our data and publish it,” said the changed knowledge base, as in Archive copy“They claim that it includes all user data. All of this. All usernames, passwords, emails, support queries, destruction of all anonymization services[s] We have. Of course this is not true. We are not so stupid, we will allow this to happen. “

The knowledge base page finally said ironically: “This was written by ourselves. This is obviously not part of the hacked account.” Epik later deleted the page.

Prior to this incident, Anonymous undermined Dexa by replacing “Help Texas stay red” with “Texas: Get voices from women to promote theocracy of church/state barriers” The website of the Republican Party. The organization also added a “donation” link to the non-profit family planning organization for reproductive health.

This story originally appeared in Ars Technica.

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