Activists are helping Texans get abortion pills online


The process only requires an internet connection: patients go online and answer some HIPAA-compliant questions about their pregnancy, such as when was the first day of their last menstrual period. If it’s a straightforward case, it’s approved by a doctor — there are 7 US doctors covering 15 states — and the medicine will arrive in a few days. In places like Texas, Aid Access has no doctors, and Aid Access founder Rebecca Gomperts prescribes drugs from Europe where she lives. Pitney said this may take about three weeks.

The ability to perform safe and discreet abortions at home via an Internet connection alone may change the lives of Texans and others in need. “This really changed the face of abortion,” said co-founder Elisa Wells. Plan C, To provide information and education on how to get pills.

In Texas, this need is particularly urgent, because cultural stigma and existing restrictive legal history mean that few on-site clinics are available.Before the recent law change, Texans were The probability of using abortion pills is three times the national averageBecause the abortion clinic is too far away.

“In a situation like Texas, where the mainstream access is almost completely cut off, this is a solution,” said Wells, who described most of Texas as an “abortion desert.”Blacks and Hispanics generally have less access to health care and therefore have the ability to obtain abortion pills online Vital For these communities.

They are also much cheaper than medical abortion, most pills cost $105 to $150, plus the online consultation required, depending on the state you live in. (If necessary, Aid Access will waive some or all of the fees.)

However, while they are commonly used in other countries (for example, they are used in about 90% of abortions in France and Scotland), but only 40% of American abortions use pillsIn fact, the use of contraceptives to “self-administer abortion” in the United States may result in accusations in at least 20 states, including Texas, and has always been 21 arrests since 2000. Aid Access uses Gomperts as a foreign doctor to prescribe Has been under federal investigation by the FDA, Group challenged. The situation is still unresolved.


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