26 best iPhone 12 cases and accessories (tested by MagSafe)


iPhone 13 Yes here, But that doesn’t mean you need to upgrade, or last year’s iPhone 12 cable It’s not easy to buy.Apple is still selling iPhone 12 with iPhone 12 mini At a lower price, you can find Professional model Get discounts at various retailers. If you don’t need the latest and greatest things, it is financially wise to spend the least amount of money on your smartphone. It is also wise to use a protective case to protect your fragile smartphone. I have tested more than 50 kinds of protective cases and accessories, from wireless chargers to wallets, to kits for your phone-MagSafe compatible and incompatible. These are our favorites.

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Update September 2021: We added new choices from Nomad, Kerf, Anker, Casetify, Kate Spade, and Joby.

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