2021 FT Management Master’s Ranking: Surging demand


Master of Management Update

this University of St. Gallen Ranked number one in Switzerland Financial Times 2021 Management Master’s Degree Ranking Won the highest score among 100 leading suppliers for 11 consecutive years-the list is dominated by European Business Schools.

Despite the economic disruption caused by the coronavirus, the average salary reported by alumni of all participating providers has risen slightly: three years after completing the course to $81,537, compared to $79,985 in 2020.

St. Gallen graduates earn the highest weighted salary three years after completing the Master of Strategy and International Management, at $123,999, and they highly value the school for helping them achieve their professional goals and career advice.

At a time when the employment prospects for undergraduates are uncertain, many top schools report that there is a surge in demand for undergraduates. Master of Management (MiM), usually attended by students with little or no professional work experience.

FT Master of Management Ranking 2021 — Top 100

London Business School ranked fourth in the rankings

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Andrew Crisp, co-founder of education consulting company CarringtonCrisp, said: “People’s interest in learning is growing strongly, including online learning.” “For many employers, an undergraduate degree is not enough, so students think If they want to stand out, they need more things.”

Josep Franch Bullich, Dean Esard Barcelona’s independent Master of Science in International Management is tied for 16th place in 2021, and the school said that the number of applications increased by a third last year and remains at a similar level this year.

He added that given the impact of the pandemic on job opportunities, recent undergraduates have chosen to study for a Master of Science degree instead of working for a year or two. He said that candidates mainly trust top brands, and the surge in demand for lesser-known schools is small.

The British “Financial Times” ranking highly praised the high salary and the salary increase three years after the completion of the course. It awards additional points based on factors such as value for money, goals achieved, gender balance, and the diversity of students, teachers, and international representatives on the school advisory committee. In half of the business schools, women account for at least 50% of the student population, although only 9 reported that their schools had the same number of women as men.

The ranking aims to compare courses of different lengths, scales and structures, including some courses-for example Indian Institute of Management In Bangalore-mainly for domestic students who have succeeded in the highly competitive entrance exams.

HEC Paris ranks second in the FT 2021 Master of Management Degree Rankings © Magali Delporte

Four top French business schools—— Paris Business School, Esek, Electric control center with Adek — Ranked among the top of the 14 top schools evaluated by the Financial Times. Two British schools- London Business School (Pounds) and empire -Also at this level, which demonstrates the continued strength of the UK towards domestic and international students, despite the uncertainty created by Brexit. Schools from Ireland, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Germany and the Czech Republic also have their own characteristics.

Oliver Ashby, director of the MiM project at LBS, reported that 96% of the school’s students found a job three months after graduation. He said: “We are still very interested in EU nationals. London is still very attractive.” He added Said that changes in the UK visa system allow international students to stay in the country for two years after graduation while they are looking for work or starting a start-up company, which helps boost demand.

A sign of the importance employers place to students pursuing degrees in different schools around the world, Global 3 Master of Management-Tripartite Cooperation Virginia: McIntyre In the U.S, Lingnan In China and Esard In Spain-also rated as the top of the British Financial Times.

The alumni of the Global Management Education Alliance (Cems) also performed well, and the alliance provided additional competitive qualifications for students studying at two of its 34 partner business schools. They reported the average salary for the three years after completing the $98,977.

The highest newcomer: Tsinghua University

Tsinghua University

Tsinghua University in Beijing is the highest-ranked new entrant, ranking 20th. The school ranks among the top five in terms of cost-effectiveness and career development, which measures the changes in the qualifications of alumni in the three years from the completion of the degree to today. The economics and statistics courses in the MiM project are highly praised by graduates.

Leo Cremonez

Although their salaries are generally low, alumni of the Qtem (Quantitative Technology in Economics and Management) course report that their salaries have increased significantly by 70% from their first job after graduation to three years later.

In the past 18 months, the coronavirus has forced business schools to mainly provide online teaching and restricted the scope of students’ travel during their studies. To reflect this-and reduce short-term travel abroad credits, which will lead to carbon emissions-the British “Financial Times” international learning experience rankings have been reduced in weight.

Tim Mescon, chief officer for Europe, the Middle East and Africa of the accreditation agency AACSB International, said that student demand for MiM courses is “hot” to include insights on sustainable development. There is also a renewed focus on topics such as supply chain, blockchain and inclusiveness, and the importance of ensuring that graduates demonstrate “workforce readiness”.


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