14 Weekend Sale: Games, Technology and Cycling Equipment


Next season It is approaching quickly and the temperature is falling. Whether you stubbornly refuse to be chased indoors or retreat to the warm living room, we will not judge you. Check out these discounts on video games, jerseys, and turntable accessories; you may trigger a new lifelong obsession.

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Game specials

Logitech G Pro X

Photo: Logitech

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We think Logitech G Pro X (8/10, wired recommendation) Is the most comfortable Gaming Headset there. It is not wireless, but it looks elegant and produces a wide sound field. You can use Logitech’s software to control your sound quality. This microphone was built in collaboration with Blue, and it’s excellent.

Hey! hear!Nintendo games are rarely discounted, this is a small discount for masters Breath of the Wild Make the price of the game lower than the average price. If you haven’t chosen it for your Switch, now is the time to catch up with it before the sequel arrives in 2022.

As you conquer the Nazis and aliens, enjoy the click sound and tactile sensation of the mechanical key switch. This wireless board can be used for up to 40 hours on a single charge and has customizable RGB lighting. If you need help rationalizing your purchase, remember that mechanical keyboards can usually be used for more than ten years.

this Professional webcam Designed specifically for streaming media, the price has risen sharply, recently as low as $150. It’s still a very low price, and if you plan to jump on Twitch while playing games, this is a good choice. You need to download Razer’s Synapse software and adjust some settings to get the desired image quality, but the resulting image is clear and outstanding.

Bicycle discount

Gore Wear C7 Windstopper Pro

Photo: remote area

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The slim fit of the C7 is perfect for cycling, in this case, you don’t want loose fabric to hang over the handlebars. Its Gore Windstopper fabric can withstand wind, rain and drizzle, and can keep trampling even in bad weather. Reflective signs make you more visible in traffic.

If it’s not cold enough outside to wear a full jacket, you can wear a pair of tight and elastic arm warmers. The antibacterial treatment prevents them from stinking as quickly as other untreated synthetic arm warmers. These are sold in pairs.

Once the weather really gets cold, the bicycle shorts will enter the closet and the bicycle leggings will come out. These full-length leggings wick away sweat while keeping you warm and warm. The back waist pocket keeps your phone away from the bicycle seat for easy carrying.

There is nothing worse than riding a bicycle in sweaty underwear. The effects of wet fabric scratches may last for several days, like a curse. Wear some synthetic lined shorts under your pants to absorb sweat and keep you comfortable.

Only certain colors are on sale. These half-finger gloves are not suitable for very cold riding, but gel pads can add some comfort by cushioning your hands from the handlebars. The comments warn that they run very small, so please consider resizing.

Miscellaneous offers

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Photo: Samsung

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This is the lowest price we have seen for the Galaxy S21 Ultra (8/10, wired recommendation).This is one of them The best Android phone Around, there is a very interesting (and unparalleled) camera system in the United States that allows you to capture very far objects with up to 10x optical zoom.

This is our favorite Bedside smart display. There is no camera, so you don’t have to worry about being peeped, you can turn off the microphone with a physical switch. Not only does it display the clock, it can also be set to rotate the photos in the album via Google Photos. In addition, you can also get all the benefits of Google Assistant. Let it set alarms, reminders, and general queries you enter in Google.

The price of this streaming media stick often fluctuates, but this is one of the lowest prices we have seen recently.If you always watch movies and shows on Prime Video, this is The streaming stick you should useThe remote control that supports Alexa works well. Although you can watch non-Amazon content such as Netflix and Hulu, you should know that this device promotes all of Amazon’s content to a large extent.

These are our favorite Wireless earplugs for exerciseThey are wireless, but there is a wire between each earbud. This makes them last longer than the competition, and also allows you to hang them around your neck after you finish your workout.

Cut out the coupon on the page before checkout to enjoy a $5 discount. Clean up your records! Dirt and dirt accumulate in the groove, and if the cleaning interval is too long, they will become difficult to remove. The kit comes with brushes, blowers, cleaning fluids and gels, and cleaning cloths.

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