You should wait for the official “Spider-Man: No Way To Go” trailer


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Didyah, did you hear that?Have a new Spider-Man: Nowhere to go trailer! Oh, did you hear that?That makes sense; it only fell on Monday and has become Most Viewed Trailer All the time.Also, it Give way exist Tik Tok Before that, it caused a sensation, A few memes, And more than a few Sony’s delisting noticeThe trailer is cool-it has Doctor Strange and a mess-but it’s not the point here.Dear reader, the point is Spider-Man: Nowhere to go You can wait.

This is not to say that the movie’s December 17 release date should be changed—absolutely not—it’s just that when it comes to trailer releases, “first glance” and all other methods of movie hype, it’s crazy scrambling to leak, Checking and analyzing everything that appeared before the movie was completely out of control. No matter how excited you are about Tom Holland’s next round as Spider-Man-we are all! ——Watching a video of a mobile phone shooting a trailer on another mobile phone really didn’t serve anyone.

Yes, this has been going on. Over the years, fans (and the Reddit section) have found a way to turn any granular live photos into news. The same goes for the shots shown at fan conventions and industry events.The leak has become so common, the people behind it Spiderman The franchise has turned it into a joke, where Dutch leaked things like titles Spider-Man: Far from Home And poster Avengers: Infinity War. It’s ok. As any maxi pad advertisement will tell you, leaks will occur. But at this point, it fully worked.

I get it.People are keen to watch Spider-Man: Nowhere to go, And as movies are now in a state of constant change, we should say that there are not so many movies to talk about, and people will not see new trailers in the multiplex every weekend. (Or, at least, they may not be.) Fans are thirsty, shall we say. But it’s just a bit stupid to watch the leak leak-especially when a suitable trailer is on the road. If the leak doesn’t happen, it’s hard to say whether Sony/Marvel will release a trailer this week, but come on. It will arrive at some point. Watch it again when it drops.

Does this make me sound like a Hollywood liar? This is not the intention. The studio will carry out promotional activities as usual, and fans will try to surpass them by looking for secret information. This is the fan’s cat and mouse. For those who like to chase, this is exciting.But I think indulging in half-baked content will deprive you of what you really see OK. Watching Doctor Strange appear and release the multiverse in it No way home The trailer is terrible-I’m glad I didn’t watch its watermarked version on other people’s phones on TikTok.

But this is just me. Maybe I am weird!What I know is: This week, Warner Bros. matrix Movie-we now know it is called Matrix: Resurrection——At CinemaCon. I’ve been waiting for this movie, I don’t know, let’s call it 20 years. As soon as the presentation was over, dozens of websites posted summaries of the shots displayed. I devoured them, trying to imagine every scene in detail. (This is part of the job.) But when I finished, the experience was not satisfactory. What I have is information about movies, and what I want is the experience of movies. Like Neo, I suddenly knew too much. I hope I didn’t.

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