You should use TweetDeck


We have seen one In recent months, Twitter has undergone many changes, including the introduction of a subscription plan with benefits, adjustments to the way the reply works, and a new font that has not been universally welcomed.Then there is fleet,turn out Really short.

But Twitter is also busy updating and developing its other Twitter client: Twitter platform. TweetDeck was launched in 2008 and acquired by Twitter in 2011. You can think of TweetDeck as a social network window for advanced users-you can get real-time updates, advanced search tools, and more.

If you have never tried TweetDeck, or you have used it before but later forgot about it, here are some key features-it may be more suitable for you than the default Twitter web client.As we said Twitter is Test update The same is true for TweetDeck, so it looks like more features are under development (we put our hands together, hope they won’t have any obstacles there.)

Currently, TweetDeck is only available In the web browser, But as Twitter continues to develop the product, mobile applications may be planned somewhere.

Watch everything in real time

There are many different types of columns available.

TweetDeck by David Nield

The key to TweetDeck is its expansive layout, divided into customizable columns that you can fully control. Twitter is usually just a column—showing tweets from people you follow—TweetDeck gives you this column and more. If you have a widescreen monitor, you can follow a large number of tweets at the same time.

You can add a new column by clicking the big blue + The icon on the left side of the TweetDeck interface. In addition to your main Twitter timeline (tweets from people you follow), you can also set up columns to display your notifications, your mentions, your direct messages, your favorite tweets, and tweets from specific users , Tweets that match specific search terms, one of your Twitter lists, hot topics of your choice, etc.

So, for example, you might want to set search terms for specific hashtags in breaking news stories and monitor them as tweets come in. Or, you can create a list that contains a subset of Twitter of the most interesting people you follow and use it in place of your own timeline (especially if you just want to quickly understand what’s happening on the social network).


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