With the return of the exiled leader, the Taliban prepare to rule Afghanistan


Afghanistan Update

After the exiled leader of this radical Islamic organization returned to a country that had undergone profound changes since being ousted 20 years ago, the Taliban were eager to formulate the question of how to govern Afghanistan.

Although the Taliban have been setting up shadow governors and administrators to rule their conquered territories, the United States has been working hard to repair one Poor evacuation plan Thousands of people tried to flee Kabul.

After the airport was occupied by desperate Afghans and foreign citizens, Washington sent 1,000 more soldiers to Kabul in an attempt to regain control of the city’s airport.

According to reports, many local residents were still struggling to reach the airport on Wednesday. Taliban militants have set up checkpoints around the city and are repatriating some Afghans.

General Frank Mackenzie, the commander of the US military in the region, said that he had warned Taliban leaders “not to interfere with our evacuation.”

American citizens in the country were also told that the US government “cannot guarantee” their safety when they tried to go to the airport. The United States hopes to evacuate as many as 9,000 people every day, a significant increase from the hundreds of people currently flying out of the country.

Zabihullah Mujahid, Taliban spokesperson, first appeared in the organization’s Press conference Since the occupation of Kabul, he said on Tuesday that preparations for the formation of a government are underway.

The militants are trying to consolidate power after seizing control of Afghanistan in more than a week. Driving President Ashraf Ghani And most senior government officials went into exile.

Abdul Ghani Baradar (Abdul Ghani Baradar), of the Islamic Organization Supreme political leaderTwenty years later, he arrived in Afghanistan on Tuesday and flew from Qatar to the southern city of Kandahar, where he has been living since the United States gained freedom from a Pakistani prison in 2018.

Baradar helped negotiate a 2020 agreement with the Donald Trump administration to withdraw troops from Afghanistan and is expected to play a leading role in the Islamic government in the coming days.

“They have a lot of integration work to do,” said Rudra Chaudhuri, a senior lecturer in the Department of War Studies at King’s College London.

“They have no civil servants and no management cadres,” he said. “They need some members of the old government to maintain this system. This requires discussions on transition issues.”

The organization has ordered its fighters not to interfere with the operations of international organizations such as the United Nations. But it is not clear how much control the political leadership has over ground fighters.

“These people have not met face-to-face with their military commanders for 10 or 15 years,” Chowdhury said.

The Taliban insisted that its new government will be more moderate than the barbaric rule of the 1990s, when the regime Obliterate women’s rights Severe punishments were imposed on suspected crimes, including the public execution of suspected adultery and stoning to death.

Mujahid said that women’s rights will be respected “within the Islamic framework” and the organization will not seek revenge against former Afghan officials or soldiers.

A security analyst based in Kabul said that the Taliban are trying to “build momentum for soft power, not its military thrust and hard power to conquer.”

However, reports from all over the country pointed out that victorious Taliban fighters used violence and many women were ordered to stay at home.

On Tuesday, a panel of more than 40 Democratic and Republican lawmakers called on President Joe Biden to continue the airlift until all American citizens and Afghan allies evacuated.

The chaotic situation at Kabul Airport this week repeatedly stopped evacuation flights, killing at least five people, and some people clung to the upcoming plane and landed from the sky.

The U.S. Air Force stated that after a plane landed at Udeid Air Force Base in Qatar, “human remains” were found in the wheel well of the aircraft.


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