Why I will never complete “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild”


Some games are Destined to live in your memory forever. These became classics immediately; people talked about them years after their release, sometimes even decades. They appear in each of the best lists and are played and replayed over and over again. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Is one of these games.

It was first released in 2017 as the first game for Nintendo Switch, and people are still discovering Breath of the Wild Four years later. Many people who have played it are already fighting over its sequel scheduled to be released in 2022. About six months after the launch of Nintendo Switch, I picked up this game for the first time-at the earliest I could finally get access to the game console. It’s too late to hear these honors, but before it is consolidated into one of the best video games of all time. I love every second. It’s tough, but it’s worth a try.I have spent hundreds of hours Breath of the Wild. I have done most of the things to do (except finding 900 Korok seeds, because no, thank you). But I haven’t done one big thing yet: beat the game.

I have completed all the story missions until the end. I even wandered around Cannon’s castle. But I can’t let myself save Hailar. Every time I decide to take a risk, I throw the controller aside. I can’t let myself do it.If i hit Breath of the Wild, The adventure is over. As long as I avoid completing it, there are still new discoveries.

Chances are, I am not alone.Of course, other gamers will do the same-not just Breath of the wilderness. I spent year Complete the original Kingdom Hearts And play the last mission for months control. Until today, I have not completed the button button Final Fantasy X-2 Either Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. This is not about losing interest; it hopes that there will always be more things to play with.when Mass Effect: Legendary Edition It came out, I struggled to pass it, and now I regret not taking the time. I haven’t tasted enough.

Refusal to finish the game may sound absurd. But let’s be realistic: it is not uncommon for the ending to be far from the best part. Many times, I feel uneasy about the ending of the story (::cough:: Mass effect 3 ::cough::) Or a character didn’t get the closure I really wanted. I didn’t realize until recently that these things are not important; the focus of the game is the task itself, not the ending, so why rush?

Avoiding the fateful ending also means having more time to get along with the beloved character. Yes, restarting the game is an option (just like New Game+ for some games), but this is different from playing a new game.I still remember the thrill of stumbled upon the ruins of Omega when I was buried in a replay Final Fantasy X Because this is something I have never experienced before. Although the downloadable content may be a bit tickle, it usually comes too late and I have completely forgotten the controls when it arrives on site.

I am not sure if I will finish Breath of the WildAt this point, I do not plan to re-enter the game, because I have completely forgotten what to do and how to do it. I have a vague plan to replay the sequel before it comes out, and know that a new installment will make it a more attractive option.But now I stick to my position-I didn’t finish this, I’m fine Zelda Variation, if I never finish it, it means I will always have more worlds to conquer.

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