What you need to know about New York City’s new vaccine certificate


The broader plan also includes Vaccine incentives For example, a $100 debit card. “The goal here is to convince everyone that the time is now,” De Blasio said.

How will it work: To watch a Broadway show, eat indoors in a restaurant, or use the gym, you need to show proof that you have received at least one dose of the new coronavirus vaccine. (For necessities, such as grocery shopping, you don’t need it.) Acceptable proof will include the state’s Excelsior pass (the pass faces a series of Failure and fairness issues), and the new app NYC Covid Safe released by New York City. Paper cards issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention can also be used. This requirement applies to customers and employees in these locations.

Some details are still spotty. For example, it is not clear how the program will apply to children under 12 years of age who are not yet eligible for vaccination. (Bai Sihao said that more information will be released in mid-August.) It is unclear how the venue operators and staff will deal with the burden of verifying everyone.New York City Hotel Alliance said In the statement The new requirement will be “a very difficult step, which is controversial for some people.”For other businesses, this will be a popular way to implement past policies Volunteer.

application: Unlike state government applications, New York City Covid Security App Provides fewer functions and is not directly connected to the vaccine record. Instead, it just stores images of vaccine records. For those whose vaccine records are stored outside of the state, this makes it a simpler tool because the US vaccine database is not centralized across the country. But Albert Fox Kahn, who is researching vaccine passports as the executive director of the Surveillance Technology Supervision Project, pointed out some shortcomings.Because the city’s app basically just stores a photo, it will Accept almost anything As a vaccine certificate, it is very easy to forge the certificate. “What puzzles me is that they will do their best to completely reinvent the camera,” Cahn said.

S. Mitra Kalita, who founded Covid Resources Epicenter-New York, Said that although policy may be necessary to combat delta variants, any new technology should not detract from the larger goal of helping more people vaccinate. “We still meet people who don’t know that the vaccine is free,” she said. “Apps are one thing. We need a lot [other] Things now. ”

Big picture: America is facing Stone road Speaking of vaccine applications and tasks. Many states ban certification requirements altogether.But there is a clear disagreement-San Francisco now has a coalition Hundreds of bars Some evidence of this is needed.In recent days, more and more employers have begun to need vaccines, including those with Disney, Google and Tyson.

Other countries, Such as France and Italy, Facing strong opposition to the recent authorization.UK Have been arguing Such a move.Israel cancels and merges Then restart its”Green pass. “(Aida Lovelace Institute Have a good list.)


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