Virtual reality allows you to travel anytime, anywhere-new or old


When I returned to Chicago, I longed for a way to surpass the click of the beads around my waist and cling to the motherland. After all your vacation or travel funds are used up, virtual reality may be the next best way to visit a destination that has lit your social timeline or is on your wish list.

As we enter the post-vaccine era, international travel and large-scale events are recovering slowly, so Sik, A streaming program for virtual events and experiences, designed to merge wanderlust with concert ecstasy.

“We are trying to create an experience that allows people to travel through time and space,” said Mary Spio, CEO of Ceek. Although Ceek is headquartered in Miami, it also has an office in Ghana, where Spio was born. In addition to simulating the work done by participating in the public experience of live events, Ceek also aims to help people visit places virtually.

The novelty of Ceek is how the platform combines technology to rethink the concert experience, allowing first-time visitors (or nostalgics like me) in Africa to visit their majestic attractions and must-see monuments.Ghanaian Artist Sarkodi Before stepping onto the stage, he stood on the black star on the Independence Square monument in Accra and started his performance in Ceek.

Spio mentioned that Tanzania’s Afrobeats artists’ performances include experiences with zebras and lions. He said: “In the app, we have all these different venues. You can watch the performance with the surrounding real animals in the safari park. Diamond platinum. “

Spio explained that the combination of vision and sound is very important. “It’s like we let you bathe in sound, you can feel everything.” Ceek’s VR method uses custom branded headsets retailing for $250 and custom VR headsets retailing for $99, including those for Ceek services. Three-month subscription. If you are not planning to invest at the same time, you can access the complete 360 ​​scene on your smartphone. The subscription includes Diamond Platnumz and Sarkodie content and costs $10 per month. Knowing that I can use Ceek to reminisce about New Year’s Eve in Independence Square on my smartphone, it is really surreal, and it only costs $10.

Ceek also allows attendees to challenge their preconceived notions of destinations and to develop itineraries for future trips in and out of Africa. “For some people, their impression of Mexico is like a Mariachi,” Spio said. “But in these environments, using different lenses to experience different types of music, you might say, maybe I want to visit Mexico’s Cenote or Mexico’s EDM carnival and experience it for the first time.”

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The past year and a half has proved that many events and conferences require better and more attractive ways of virtualization, and Vinu 3D It is a VR platform that hopes to help. Designed to help event organizers hold trade shows, conventions and conferences, the purpose is to make remote participants feel that they are really participating in the event while maintaining a safe remote. “As early as March, our Covid-19 Independent Developer Fundraising Conference had more than 800 attendees and more than 135 exhibitors.” Venu3D CEO Jeremy Lam said that the virtual participants of the event were from the United States , Canada, Mexico, India and Kenya etc.


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