U.S. intelligence agencies fail to draw conclusions on the origins of Covid-19


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U.S. intelligence agencies failed to comment on whether Coronavirus disease As the debate about the origin of the pandemic continues to intensify, the virus was first transmitted to humans through animals, or because of an accident at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China.

US President Joe Biden, Ask his spy chief Three months ago, we reassessed how the virus first appeared and whether Chinese scientists should be blamed.

A full report on the findings of these institutions was submitted to Biden earlier this week. The one-page summary of the report released on Friday stated that the U.S. intelligence community is still divided on core issues. One agency believes it emerged through a laboratory leak, four agencies believe it came from animals, and the other three agencies cannot. Decide.

The summary said: “China’s cooperation is likely to be required to make a final assessment of the origin of Covid-19.” “However, Beijing continues to obstruct global investigations, refuse to share information, and blame other countries, including the United States.”

Biden said in a statement on Friday that although the review has ended, “we will do everything we can to trace the root cause of this epidemic that has caused so much suffering and death around the world so that we can take all necessary precautions. Measures to prevent it from happening again”.

He also urged China to cooperate and work hard to understand The origin of the virus, And stated that the United States and its partners will continue to urge Beijing to do so.

Biden said: “The key information about the origin of this epidemic exists in the People’s Republic of China, but from the beginning, Chinese government officials have been trying to prevent international investigators and members of the global public health community from accessing it.”

Most scientists say that the virus may have originated in bats and spread to humans through another animal.

Former President Donald Trump and his former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo claimed that the virus may have originated from a Wuhan laboratory-these arguments have been dismissed as conspiracy theories for months.

But since scientists cannot find which species is the intermediary, attention is again focused on Possibility of laboratory leaks.

This theory was supported earlier this year when Recommendation report Three researchers from the Wuhan laboratory developed Covid-like symptoms in November 2019, when the first official case had not been recorded. A few days later, Biden ordered his intelligence department chief to re-evaluate the evidence for these two theories and get closer to the exact conclusion of the origin of the disease.

Three months later, US intelligence agencies now believe that the first cases did appear in November 2019, a few weeks before China officially recognized the new disease. They added that the first known cases occurred in Wuhan in December last year.

However, they are still not sure what caused the virus to enter humans.

All agencies have ruled out China’s theory of developing the virus as a biological weapon, and claims that Chinese officials had any knowledge of the virus before it appeared in humans in 2019.

This lack of prior knowledge is enough to persuade the officials of the four US intelligence agencies to believe that the disease will naturally spread to humans through animals, even though all of them said they had “lack of confidence” in their conclusions.

An institution, which did not want to be named, said that given the inherent risks of the work carried out in the Wuhan laboratory, it has “moderate confidence” that the virus came from the Wuhan laboratory.

Scientists in Wuhan Laboratory Worked For years, I have been studying bat coronaviruses and even manipulating their genetic codes to see if and how they jump to humans. This type of work is also being carried out in the United States and is now under scrutiny because critics believe it is too risky to cause a new epidemic.

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