U.S. government agencies plan to increase the use of facial recognition technology


Ten institutions are also committed to research and development in this field, including the Department of Justice, the Department of Defense, the Department of Homeland Security, and the State Department. The goals of these agencies vary, but some agencies report that they have studied the well-documented biases of many facial recognition systems. For example, the Ministry of Justice has studied the relationship between skin color and false match rates in facial recognition algorithms. Others are studying how to make such systems more accurate when scanning people wearing masks.

The report also showed extensive inter-agency coordination and sharing of facial recognition systems and information. Many federal agencies report that they have purchased facial recognition systems from state and local governments. The Department of Homeland Security revealed that its information network “includes a mechanism to request a third party to conduct facial recognition searches through listed state and local entities (such as the Fusion Center).”

Spokesperson of a non-profit digital rights organization Electronic Frontier Foundation Said: “This important GAO report exposes the federal government’s increasing reliance on facial monitoring technology. The most disturbing thing is the use of it by law enforcement agencies. However, the violation of privacy by face monitoring is so great that it affects people of color. This is so discriminatory, and it is very likely to trigger false arrests, so that the government should not use face surveillance at all.”

In June, GAO released A report The facial recognition capabilities of 42 federal agencies employing law enforcement personnel.It shows that several law enforcement After the racial justice protests last summer and the attack on the U.S. Capitol in January, the agency used facial recognition technology. The report also shows that 13 of 42 institutions do not fully understand their own use of the technology. According to BuzzFeed News, GAO’s report is likely Incomplete, five federal agencies stated that they have not used Clearview AI’s system.

The adoption of this technology by governments at all levels is increasing. In the past three months, Clearview AI said 3,100 Its software is used in 18,000 federal, state, county, and city law enforcement agencies in the United States (about 17%).

The United States has no federal regulations on the use of facial recognition technology by law enforcement agencies. Although the legislation is expectedMany states and cities do prohibit law enforcement agencies and governments from using the software, but local bans do not prevent federal use.


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