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For a witty master class, see Tucker Carlson Chat with Viktor Orban last week. The Fox News host broadcast from Hungary, expressing sympathy for the Prime Minister’s notoriety in the White House.Why Joe Biden Scold Orban As the leader of the “thug”, he wants to know, but isn’t it Chinese President Xi Jinping? Orban improvised an answer that avoided Xi’s point of view. Carlson, lest some kind of interview break out, didn’t press it.In other news, Hungary has the largest Huawei Supply Center Outside China.

I know this is a subtle dance, but the American right should practice this dance. If it is to attract foreign strongmen, it must solve the incompatibility problem. The difference in geopolitical direction is the most not to be ignored. The loose nationalist leadership clubs in the world have shown an open attitude to China. Republicans will not forgive Angela Merkel or Emmanuel Macron. Not to mention the Democratic Party.

When he was the prime minister of Italy, Giuseppe Conte, He is now the head of the five-star movement, ignoring Washington to please Beijing. His administration impersonating former President Donald Trump’s “privileged interlocutor” in Europe did not prevent it from becoming the first country in the G7 to join the European Union. “One Belt One Road” InitiativeIf this is not enough to warn that these leaders may be more perfidious than liberals in superpower duels, then Republicans have been spoiled by others.

Exclude the United States in 2016, the President Rodrigo Duterte The Filipino told the Chinese audience that he “relied on” them. As recently as June, Orban described the EU’s statement in defense of Hong Kong’s democracy protests as “reckless.” Few of these proposals are fruitful and lasting, but this does not conceal their intentions. If this model is not a model that completely pleases Beijing, it is at best a study of the equidistant relationship between the two giants.

It is not difficult to explain. For the United States, China is a real threat to its primacy in the world. This is also an ideological challenge to a certain government model. For a moderate dictator, by definition, neither is. What China insists on is the hope of investment and other forms of rescue without moral restraint. Last month, Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland withheld Hungarian funds due to Hungarian domestic politics.The EU is playing Something comparableThe lure of a large and not-so-critical sponsor needs little explanation.It would be even stranger if populist leaders did this no Tilt to China.

The trick is to convince some American conservatives to believe this reality. Because they agree with people like Orban on immigration and education, they tend to infer a broader consensus on foreign affairs. That, or they enjoy brotherhood in the culture war, completely postpone the embarrassing issue of geopolitics. Either way, you will feel the cruel rendezvous with reality that is coming. The right wing of the United States can confront China, or it can condone third-party strongmen. Running indefinitely with these two primitive instincts would be a feat.

If Carlson can’t see the obstacles, it’s not a big crisis for him.Value of a week media reports His media coverage (how post-modernism destroys us) is its own victory. The real miracle is that the broader conservative movement in the United States has not sweated the details. It doesn’t take long for you to find that Orban’s fans and Chinese hawks are often the same person in Washington. The style and success of foreign nationalists seems exciting. What is half-understood is irrelevant.

Even without the wrinkles of China, a cohesive populist group is always far-fetched. It is difficult for a party that defines itself in terms of national egoism to act in unison. Then there is nationalist economics, which separates the European part of the family from the United States.How many Republicans know that Orban is partially nationalized, this is an open question Private pension.

Regardless of China, the connivance of foreign nationalists has ranged from eccentricity to self-harm. The Danube’s weekly attack on Carlsen, although effective, did not attract any interest in coldness. Has Talleyrand ever described One of Napoleon Bonaparte’s most frivolous behavior is “worse than crime, a mistake”, and it is still the most valid argument in politics.

Republicans who are deceived by Orban and people like him will not be deterred by moral admonition. In a party that is so focused on China, what may be effective is a more instrumental case. Obviously, what attracted American populists to their foreign relatives. The question to ask them is how their own country can benefit.

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