“Twelve Minutes” is a demonic infiltration of human psychology


What caught me off guard was the extent to which I began to revel in pushing the limits of behavior. Once, I realized that I could contact the relatives of the police with my mobile phone, and the demon inside me laughed. Another time, I started torturing him as a way of extracting information, and when Dafoe vomited out that I was a “monster”, I flinched-honestly, it’s hard to argue with him. But when I felt that the game reduced my options, I accumulated these heinous crimes. In other words, I became as desperate as the husband I played, even though I knew that if my actions were unsuccessful, I would start the cycle again. This is a strange feeling in which I feel both powerful and powerless.

Twelve minutes Never treat this kind of depraved behavior lightly. On the contrary, the consistent strong performance is infused with gravity that is rarely felt in video games. Ridley and McAvoy have unrecognizable American accents, they are excellent. Dafoe, as you might imagine, follow the game’s whipping script (sometimes harmful) from a demon to a father. However, this is only one aspect. The animations captured by Mocap Now and brought to life by animators Alex Yao, CJ Markham, and Addison DeBolt are smooth, realistic and convincing. The fact that you can barely see the faces of these characters due to the top-down view makes this achievement all the more remarkable.

I did not talk about the specific details of the plot beyond the premise and a moment, because it relies heavily on the element of surprise. What I want to say is that each of the three roles of husband, wife, and policeman is more interesting than their initial appearance. If the game’s script appears in the opening exchange, this will be resolved (although, it will never be complete, I should emphasize) when you go further into the loop. One particular resonating detail illustrates that the United States’ inadequate and expensive healthcare system can push people to extremes.although Twelve minutes It often feels as timeless as a Hitchcock movie-staccato violin, clever lighting, Art Deco interiors-this subplot keeps it up to date.

Nevertheless, the puzzle-solving element of the game is not as natural as the drama itself. It can be a bit finicky and requires careful and systematic arrangement of actions. Once, I didn’t know what to do, but in the end I just forgot to make an important call. In my frustration, I tried many other methods, including flushing the stopwatch down the toilet, which may be a bit ridiculous.In such a stalemate, I was reminded of the allness of the script and animation, not to mention the Hollywood talents involved. Twelve minutes It’s still a computer program—a set of codes that runs according to its predetermined logic.

But when Twelve minutes Hit, it really hit—no more than a sequence that convinced me that I was about to see the credits roll. I won’t reveal exactly what happened, but if time is the core device for building the game, then this is the moment when each thread falls into a thrilling lock slot synchronization. The arrangement of dialogue and action has a touch of touch, happening side by side with each other, and each one is full of heartfelt emotions. Overall reminds me of Nolan’s movies, interstellar and Dunkirk, When the various planes of time merge into a beautiful, clarifying effect.

The real ending Twelve minutes It’s not so neat, and its returns are not so satisfying, but it’s not a deal breaker. In a way, it echoes another Nolan movie, commemorate, About a man with amnesia, his story is flashed back.Like that movie, the time device Twelve minutes Arouse an incredible mental state-a panicked dream with fever, a memory that will not let go, a premonition that you repeat To infinity-The conditions for us to extend the boundaries of our behavior. The problem comes when we start to act in such a way that is beyond the safe range.exist Twelve minutes, You may be shocked by your findings.

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