Trudeau calls on Canada to advance election on September 20


Canadian Update

After Prime Minister Justin Trudeau asked the Governor of the country to dissolve the legislature, Canadians will go to the polling station on September 20 to vote in the general election held two years earlier.

In a speech outside the Lido Hall, the seat of the Ottawa government, Trudeau characterized the election as a referendum on the government. Pandemic responseHe said that this is an opportunity to “end the battle” and be authorized to carry out comprehensive changes in the future. climate change, Housing reform, social welfare and public medical care.

“The decisions your government makes now will determine the future of your children and grandchildren as they grow up,” he said. “We existed for you, now you choose.”

Trudeau’s Liberal Party hopes to use the successful Covid-19 vaccination campaign to consolidate their power after a minority government has been in power for two years. Opinion polls show that the party may gain seats at the expense of the Conservative Party and maintain an alarming distance from the majority party.

Canada has received nearly 51 million doses of the vaccine, and approximately 63% of the population has been vaccinated. Stop early driving And the supply of pharmaceutical companies. The Liberal Party has 155 seats in Parliament, which is only 15 fewer than the 170 seats required to obtain a majority.

But Trudeau’s decision is a gamble in a country currently in the fourth wave of pandemics. Canadians may punish the party for elections and power grabs that many consider unnecessary because they want to focus on economic recovery and return to work and school.

Opposition leaders have condemned Trudeau because news of election calls has been getting faster and faster in the past week. Jagmeet Singh, the fourth-largest party in parliament and the leader of the left-wing Progressive New Democratic Party, described the decision to hold a vote during the pandemic as “selfish.”


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