Thousands of people wait for evacuation flight after deadly explosion at Kabul Airport


Afghanistan Update

Despite the security threats continuing for a day, more than 5,000 people are still waiting for evacuation at Kabul Airport Suicide bombing Dozens of lives were taken before the deadline for the United States to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan on August 31.

British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said on Friday that the death toll from the attack continued to rise. Among the victims were two British nationals and the child of another British national. At least 13 American soldiers and more than 100 Afghan civilians were also killed.

US officials now believe that the attack was detonated by a suicide bomber near the gate of the airport monastery. Officials initially stated that there was a second explosion in the nearby Baron Hotel, where evacuees had gathered.

“We are not sure how the report was wrongly provided, but we do know that the chaos of dynamic events like this can cause information to be sometimes misreported or garbled, which is not surprising,” William Taylor of the U.S. Military Leadership Said the major general. The deputy director of regional operations said on Friday.

U.S. officials stated that they still intend to complete the evacuation work before August 31, and said there are still 5,400 people waiting for evacuation at Kabul Airport.

The White House said on Friday that despite the bombing, approximately 12,500 U.S. forces and coalition partners had evacuated from the Afghan capital in the past 24 hours. This disrupted Western efforts to end the evacuation process because the Taliban had tightened the Afghan capital. enter. airport.

The United States stated that approximately 110,600 people have been evacuated since the end of July. This includes more than 5,100 US citizens, 300 of whom have left in the past 24 hours.

The British government said on Friday that it has entered the “final phase” of the evacuation plan and closed processing facilities in the Barron Hotel. Other NATO allies, including Germany and Canada, have reduced their evacuation flights.

Isis-K, the Afghan branch of the terrorist organization Isis, claimed responsibility for the attack. Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said that the US military is still closely tracking the threat of Isis-K around the airport. He added that two prisons believed to have been recently taken over by Taliban militants released “thousands” of Isis-K prisoners.

On Thursday, General Kenneth McKenzie, the head of the Pentagon’s Central Command, said that he expected Isis to launch another attack. “We believe they want to continue these attacks… We are doing everything we can to prepare.”

US President Joe Biden vowed to “hunt down” and punish the perpetrators of the attack. Thursday was the heaviest day of U.S. military casualties in Afghanistan in a decade, and it was also the first time that U.S. troops died in Afghanistan since February 2020.

Biden told reporters that he had talked with the US commander in Afghanistan on the latest intelligence of the attack on Friday morning and vowed to continue the withdrawal until the deadline for withdrawal on Tuesday.

After meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett in the Oval Office, Biden said: “The mission they are performing there is dangerous. Now the American personnel have suffered heavy losses, but it is a valuable mission.” “We will. Completed the task.”

Despite facing pressure from allies, Biden refused to extend the final withdrawal deadline for US military personnel because of the growing security threats and the worrying process of trying to deport thousands of foreign nationals and Afghans.

These attacks are the latest crisis that has plagued Biden’s strategy to end the 20-year war. The Taliban occupied Kabul in this war, rapidly redeploying thousands of US troops within two weeks and evacuating the country on a large scale.


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