This is not the time to give up contact tracking


The rise Delta variants have sparked all sorts of memories—anxiety during the first Covid wave in spring 2020, suffocating winter waves, constant debates about “non-pharmaceutical interventions” (such as masks and distance), and children And school worries. But this does not seem to have caused discussion of contact tracing, which is one of the first hopes of containing the pandemic in the early stages.

Contact tracing has been declared dead multiple times. Four and a half months after Covid-19 was first discovered in the United States, this New York Times Said it failed in many states. Indeed, failure is the same as not stopping the pandemic. A year later, as the country faces another deadly wave, it seems to have almost completely disappeared from the equation. Earlier this summer, Covid-19 Point of view American Medical Association The title “Beyond Tomorrow” outlines the four possible outcomes of SARS-CoV-2-elimination, containment, cohabitation, and fire. It does not mention any contact tracing. Covid Endgame articles for July and August Atlantic Organization with statisticsA reporter from a leading position in reporting on the coronavirus also did not mention the role of contact tracing in ending the pandemic.

It has received severe media attention recently: A recent The Caesars Health News story describes contract workers and a public exhausted by the delta surge. “Contact tracing seems to be shelved,” it pointed out. This story records that there are fewer and fewer workers in states such as Arkansas and Texas. They remind people that they have been exposed to the virus and advise them to quarantine. The new Texas budget completely prohibits the state government from funding contact tracing.

In June of this year, just before Delta became the dominant strain in the United States and the pandemic appeared to be easing, a Polls It was discovered by the Johns Hopkins University Health and Safety Center and NPR that many states are gradually reducing contact tracing efforts. But just as masks and social distancing are now making a comeback, so must contact tracing. Fighting the latest variant of the world’s latest virus will require the help of one of the oldest public health practices-a practice that is believed to have played an important role in ending smallpox and SARS-1 and has been routinely used (along with vaccines and SARS-1) for many years. Treatment) to curb tuberculosis, measles, Ebola and various venereal diseases. As the country strives to stop another wave, contact tracing cannot be allowed to disappear.

From very In the early days of the pandemic, contact tracing went through a difficult process. “It started too late,” said Emily Gurley, an epidemiologist at the Johns Hopkins University Center for Global Health, who created a Online course Training of contact tracing personnel, so far the number of registered people worldwide has exceeded one million. State and local health officials began to step up preparations in the spring of 2020, but were hampered by a lack of readily available tests-asymptomatic subjects were not identified and their contacts were not informed. Over time, the government’s efforts in contact tracing have increased and decreased. When contact tracers detail vaccination work, the surge will slow down, and during those popular low incidences. It has declined.

The contact tracking methods deployed in this pandemic—personal phones and non-personal apps—are far from perfect, and concerns about privacy abound.As WIRED reported, use the app for contact tracking Almost failed In the U.S. In the UK, people complain about “epidemics”-receiving notifications from a widely used app that is very sensitive, even if they have never been in the same room with an infected person, people in the apartment next door may receive one. information. According to reports, within a week of this summer, 690,000 people in England and Wales received quarantine notices. Washington post, The company complained that too many workers stayed at home and they could not continue to operate. It can be said that these applications are in progress.


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