The United States considers requiring foreign tourists to be “fully vaccinated”


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A White House official said that the Biden administration is formulating a plan to require all foreign citizens visiting the United States to “fully vaccinate” the Covid-19 vaccine.

The official warned that given the spread of the epidemic Delta variantThis has led to a surge in the number of cases and hospitalizations in many states in the United States, especially among unvaccinated Americans. The government will “maintain the existing travel restrictions at this point.”

It did not specify which vaccines would be recognized by foreign travelers.Oxford University and AstraZeneca have Not yet applied Obtained authorization from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for its vaccine.

Reuters first reported these comments when the U.S. was facing Covid cases surge And the growing concern about the rapid spread of infectious Delta variants.

U.S No entry The majority of tourists from the Schengen area in Europe, the United Kingdom and Ireland, as well as China, Iran, Brazil, South Africa and India.

But the official added that the Joe Biden administration “unanimously wants to reopen international travel in a safe and sustainable manner” and that a working group composed of representatives from several government agencies is developing a “consistent and safe international travel policy. “plan.

The White House earlier this year Gathered working group Re-evaluate international travel rules, including representatives from the state, transportation, health and public services, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The Biden administration said this week that 70% of American adults had at least one dose of the Covid-19 vaccine. This was a milestone that the White House hoped to reach last month, but it was delayed by many. American reluctance Accept the jab.

“If you are not vaccinated, you are more likely to, first, be infected with Covid-19; second, be hospitalized; third, if you get it, die,” Biden said in a speech at the White House on Tuesday. “This is a tragedy. People are dying, and people who don’t have to die will also die.”

Tourism and business groups for months Promote relaxation of restrictions About foreign tourists. The current regulations do not apply to U.S. citizens, who can leave and return to the United States freely.

These restrictions are In place Last year, the Donald Trump administration was during the outbreak of the pandemic. But even if vaccines are introduced on both sides of the Atlantic, and some European countries have opened their borders to vaccinated Americans, they still exist.UK this week Canceled its requirement For the double spur tourists from the United States to be quarantined when they arrive in the United Kingdom.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel (Angela Merkel) puts pressure on Biden Relief measures At a meeting in the White House last month. This week, European Commission President Ursula von der Lein called for the lifting of the ban and told a German news media: “Today the epidemiological situation in the United States and the European Union is very similar. We need to solve the problem as soon as possible and to communicate with our American friends. Contact. This cannot last for weeks.”

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