The U.S. under Biden is confused-the world is also confused


Joe Biden Update

No, the Western Alliance will not disintegrate. The United States will not fall into the illusion of isolationism. Afghanistan is too marginalized to trigger such a dramatic change.But the chaotic nature of the U.S. withdrawal, and the slight feelings of the U.S. Most of its allies, The international honeymoon of President Joe Biden came to an abrupt end. It also throws the world-and much of Washington-into chaos.What does Biden mean “America is back”? Which United States is he referring to?

The answer is not obvious.Biden’s Afghan troop withdrawal fulfilled a promise “Forever War”, And broke another one to restore the primacy of the American League. The second promise is the significant difference between Biden and Donald Trump. Biden allegedly values ​​allies. Europe’s chagrin is that if Biden had negotiated closely with them on exiting Afghanistan, he could have fulfilled these two oaths. He chose not to. The fact that NATO was there at the request of the United States sprinkled salt on the wound. The 9/11 attacks marked the only time NATO has invoked its fifth joint defense clause — after it attacked the United States instead of Europe.

Europe is used to being left out, sometimes for granted, sometimes not. In 1956, Dwight Eisenhower correctly applied economic pressure from the United States to Britain and France, forcing them to end their Suez Canal adventure. In 2003, George W. Bush ignored the opposition of France and Germany to his plans to invade Iraq. Lyndon Johnson may pay more attention to Harold Wilson. He kept Britain away from the Vietnam War. This is the only time that Britain has not fought alongside the United States in a serious war. Whether they are right or wrong, Europeans have enough commitment to the American League to survive when seen as a stimulus. The transatlantic world is ultimately held together by common interests.

However, without strategy, the West cannot continue indefinitely. The solution lies mainly in the United States.Biden has not yet determined a clear Foreign policyHis campaign slogans were “Restore the Alliance”, “Promote Democracy”, pursue a “Middle Class Foreign Policy” and pay attention to China’s power in the Indo-Pacific region. All of this, especially the end of the “eternal war”, sounds good to most Westerners. But they will not add to each other. Governance is choice, and Biden is not yet in place.

The tension between Biden’s wishes reached its peak in China. Just like Afghanistan, China has no substance to distinguish Biden from Trump. Biden retained the tariffs imposed on Chinese goods.On 5G, he asked global partners to Huawei And an alternative that has not yet been specified. Biden’s reason for withdrawing from Afghanistan was to concentrate US resources in the Indo-Pacific region.

This will be news to India, and India will become the biggest check and balance of the United States against China. PakistanWith the Taliban taking over Afghanistan, now a vassal state of Islamabad, India’s eternal opponent has just become stronger. China also got a shot in the arm, not only because Pakistan is its close ally. Xi Jinping’s “One Belt One Road” initiative was launched in 2013 in Kazakhstan, the largest country in Central Asia. The biggest deficiency of Xi Jinping in the region is Afghanistan.There are indications that the Taliban will approve China’s infrastructure and Mineral extraction Investment in exchange for refusal to provide asylum to Uyghur separatists who are fighting Chinese repression in Xinjiang.

Biden A big step End the “eternal war” of the United States.But judging from these foreseeable consequences, how Afghanistan’s withdrawal will help Biden’s other goals, such as containing China and Democracy promotion? The answer is vague. In the next few weeks, Biden will face pressure to prove that his actions in Afghanistan are correct by taking stronger actions against China. His instinct is to resist.

Biden’s real imperative is to pass his domestic fiscal bill to boost the American middle-class economy before that. Next year’s midterm electionsIf you remove the word “foreign”, it may be the true meaning of what Biden said about middle-class foreign policy.

From anywhere in the United States, the difference between Biden and Trump is obvious. But the further you are from the coast of the United States, the narrower they become. This brings us back to “America is back.”this Democratic Party Back, although how long is an open question. Most American friends strongly like the Democratic Party rather than Trumpism. But they are still not sure what this means for America’s role in the world. Suspicion may be a good suspicion, but the United States does not know it.

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