The lawsuit alleges that despite the warning, the carnival failed to protect passengers from the virus


Carnival company update

According to U.S. court documents, Carnival failed to work hard to protect cruise ship customers from the coronavirus last year, despite warnings from doctors on board that “worrying” flu-like symptoms may appear on board..

In February last year, Dr. Nadia Nair, a senior doctor on the Carnival Supreme Princess, told the company’s management that the number of “flu-like illnesses” on the ship was “worrisome” increasing, and asked if “any additional measures should be taken”.

According to the court documents submitted by the California claimant, despite the warnings and warnings issued by the international and US health authorities, no changes were made to the ship’s protocols, activities, or cleaning system to prevent the spread of Covid-19-to the carnival litigation.

More than 100 passengers and crew on the voyage from San Francisco on February 21 last year and the voyage that followed tested positive for the virus. Two passengers who had traveled to Mexico earlier died subsequently.

The company declined to comment on the lawsuit, but stated that it “has implemented a set of agreements designed to flexibly adjust as needed to adapt to the changing public health conditions related to Covid-19”.

It added: “We meet the vaccination standards defined by the CDC [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] And implemented additional measures. “

Lawyers representing at least 50 clients travelling on the Princess cruise ship in the early stages of the pandemic stated that communications from Nair and emails between Dr. Grant Tallinn, Carnival’s chief medical officer, and senior management indicated that the cruise company’s decision to continue despite being aware How fast the infection spread on the ship, but it continued to sail.

The customer evidence recorded in the file stated that Carnival assured passengers that the cruise was safe and told those who wanted to cancel the second Grand Princess voyage ticket that they had to pay 90% of the cancellation fee.

“Before this pandemic started, Carnival knew that the risk of spreading deadly infectious diseases on its cruise ships was seriously increasing. As we claimed in the lawsuit, Carnival ignored obvious warning signs that it put passengers at risk. ,” said Mark Chalos, an attorney for Lieff Cabraser Heimann & Bernstein, the company representing the claimant.

The lawyers also argued that in early August, after 27 people on the Carnival Vista ship with 3,954 passengers tested positive, Carnival should not be allowed to resume cruise trips, the highest number since the resumption of cruises in US waters in June . An elderly passenger who was taken to a Belize hospital died of Covid-19.

Carnival said that the guests who died on Carnival Vista “almost certainly did not contract Covid on our ship, she received expert medical care on board”, and 26 of those who tested positive on board were crew members and they needed treatment. Test regularly.

The company also emphasized that “the cruise ships in our fleet have adopted some of the highest levels of Covid-19 mitigation measures in any environment in the world, and their agreements and preventive measures are much higher than most other sectors”.

For Carnival, this is a severe epidemic, and its ships account for almost half of the ocean-going cruise fleet. Its ships have been docked for more than a year, and in order to survive, it has raised more than $23 billion in debt and equity.

Several ships of the organization became hot spots for the virus in the early stages of the pandemic, including the 2,670 passengers Diamond Princess quarantined off the coast of Japan, resulting in more than 700 cases and 14 deaths.


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