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Paul Di Filippo is the author of many science fiction novels, including Steampunk trilogy, Ribofink, with Wikiworld. His new novel Summer thief It is a wandering adventure based on the works of Jack Vance.

“I like to always challenge myself in new areas of novel creation,” Di Filippo said in episode 480 Geek Galaxy Guide podcast. “I realized that I had never really done a traditional space opera, so I decided to try this model.”

Di Filippo has a special liking for classic space operas, but feels that he tends to fall behind. “In most space operas, you either use very retro settings, such as the famous Star Wars Empire, or you use Star Trek, where modern liberalism spreads across the stars,” he said. “I understand why people insist on these, because they are an iconic and typical way of organization. But in my opinion, if you want to speculate, you should try to break new ground.”

exist Summer thief, Di Filippo imagined a galaxy ruled by Quinary, a group of organizations that control five important industries—information technology, biotechnology, nanotechnology, real estate, and security. “Quinary is a word that exists, but I have changed its use,” he said. “This is not exactly a government, not exactly a series of NGOs, and not exactly a company. This is a body that integrates all of these.”

Considering that the modern world seems to be controlled by only five companies (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft), Di Filippo believes that the five system is quite credible. But he said that the reader must judge his worldview for himself. “I don’t have a degree in political science or economics, nor any of those wonderful and esoteric subjects,” he said. “I am an unrepentant English major, so this is entirely my reading and my own mind and experience. Therefore, we will see if people think it is reasonable.”

Listen to the full interview with Paul Di Filppo in episode 480 Geek Galaxy Guide (above). And check out some of the highlights in the discussion below.

Paul Di Filippo Mirror Anthology:

“We have 11 or 12 people Mirror In the anthology, one of them named Tom Maddox dropped out. He no longer writes novels, and we have lost contact with him. However, when needed, I will have intermittent communication with my partner. But then I said,’We never talked again’, we have a common past, and we have achieved some success. So I put together a CC list, and every once in a while, I or others will see a related article, and we will broadcast it to 10 or 11 of us, who are still on the right side of the soil here. …We still have some kind of profession and are still writing.John Shirley’s new book Stormy place very good. Bruce Sterling just published a collection of stories this year. And William Gibson, of course no one needs to know his achievements. Therefore, I think we can get together purely out of surprise that we have survived the past 40 years and are still productive. “

Paul Di Filippo “Ribofunk: Declaration”:

“I said,’Let me make this semi-serious and semi-joking controversy video and spread it and see what people think.’ So I went to Kinko’s-after making this on my dot matrix [printer], And literally cut and pasted a few illustrations-100 copies were copied and mailed to different people. It was reprinted by several sources at the same time, which seemed to have touched the instincts of a few people, because after that generalization, this kind of novel had a slight prosperity.If you look under Wikipedia “Biopunk”-The name dominates this sub-genre of science fiction-I think they have a line that says, “Paul Di Filippo tried to get everyone to call it “ribofunk”, but no one did it. So this is not a 100% successful revolution. “

Paul Di Filippo on de-platformization:

“I’m not a fan [deplatforming]. I’m old school’The cure for bad speech is more speech. ‘This is a classic belief that has informed our country from the very beginning. For me, multiple sounds would be the best technique to drown out crazy, bad or destructive sounds. Squelch will never work. You try to keep something silent, and then push it underground, and it will become stronger due to persecution. So for me, the kind of de-platformization we are experiencing is not a good thing. …Any such interventions will have backlashes and consequences, and we really have to use them very carefully and a little bit smarter than in the past. “

Paul Di Filippo Internet of Things:

“In my adaptation of the story “The Dish Ran Away” machine based on the famous nursery rhyme, and what might happen in these situations. My thoughts on this were greatly appreciated Robert ShekleyThe name is not everyone’s tongue now, but Shekley was the main writer of the 50s and 60s. …His novels always contain many devices that have become too smart for their own benefit-much like the way Philip K. Dick, the robot taxi is arguing with you where you want to go. So you can see that it is the kind of thought pedigree that has always existed. Fifty years after these guys appeared, I am still trying to understand these ideas. “

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