The fun of walking in the game


When the world Locked, I choose to walk. In a slowly approaching world, strolling through the vast landscape of a walking simulator game feels like a release. I am immersed in the lives of others: those on my own journey, my outer world and inner world merge into one.

I am not alone.people Turn to video games in droves During the epidemic, The profit of the game company hit a record high. The philosopher and theologian Saint Augustine coined the Latin phrase “Can be solved by walking,” means “it can be solved by walking”, and walking—albeit virtual, is where I turn to stabilize my thoughts.

Walking simulators are usually exploration games that focus on your experience as a player. They rely heavily on strong storytelling to attract players and put the player’s experience at the core of the experience. Compared with ordinary games, they are often short and sweet, but still influential, and will stay in the player’s mind long after the player is finished.

What is a walking simulator like?

exist Everyone goes to the carnival, This story is a non-linear radio drama with a sense of weirdness like science fiction, which is inappropriate in HG Wells’ novels. The strong sense of place and the lives of residents make this game unique. Players walk around in the abandoned village of Yaughton, Shropshire, accompanied by a glowing sphere, guiding them from one place to another. Although Yaughton is fictional, Shropshire, the county where Yaughton is located, is a place I know in real life. The interior design and village design are very realistic.

This level of detail can be found throughout the game, from placing a vase in the house at the top of the stairs to a farm house with farm tools on the kitchen table-in contrast to a devastating contrast, a room full of temporary hospital equipment. Has been taking care of his wife before. This is one of the few games I have played, and it makes me feel like a real home invader spying on actual personal belongings. Every place captures the human nature of a person in the village. When exploring the abandoned ruins, the great loss you feel is obvious.

Dear Esther Is another famous walking simulator game, set on an uninhabited island near the coast of Scotland. Playing it is a surreal experience. When you learn more about the people who live on the island and why they are there, there will be a misty and unforgettable atmosphere over you. As you progress in the game, the island becomes more symbolic. The sparse gameplay gives you an experimental experience, more like a psychological art movie.

Home It is another game driven by narrative narrative and player exploration. This is a family story, told from the perspective of an older sister. She returned home from college and found that her older sister was no longer there. When you walk from room to room, discover items that help enrich the story and listen to the recorded diary written to your sister, the tense storm surrounding the house adds to the ominous emotions and reveals her sister’s progress. The house is winding and dark, with nooks and crannies, and creepy cabinets. You organize piles of boxes, uncover hidden rooms, and reveal the deepest and darkest secrets of the family. The originality of the life of alternative teenagers in the 90s was conveyed through the Riot Grrrl soundtrack-played on a cassette player, also directly from the 90s. The game only lasts three hours, but I can guarantee you will not forget this experience.

Walking simulator enriches other games

This is not to say that walking simulators will not work in longer games, even games you would not normally consider walking simulators.exist Uncharted 4: The End of a ThiefIn the game, you will break into the mansion of an elderly explorer named Evelyn who has an impressive collection of antiquities, such as real sarcophagi and Egyptian amulets, as well as other historical treasures. Traces of letters, leaflets and old magazines tell the story of collectors’ impressive careers and vibrant personal lives. The dialogue between the brothers felt very natural. They were like children, picking up trinkets, trying on hats, and taking pictures of their Polaroids in the process.In typical Uncharted Sea Fashion, walking around in the dark is full of suspense, and has a dynamic ending.Besides, who can forget Broken Kangaroo Cameo?

Walking simulator-style gameplay is also often embedded in open world games, where players need to travel through open space to move from one town or target to another.I have a lot of fun Red Dead Redemption 2 The slow pace and realism of Arthur Morgan’s cowboy life feels very natural and refreshing, especially when he is between missions in base camp. You can overhear his camp partner discussing what happened that day or the various dramas that happened between them. Rockstar Games spared no effort to add the detailed environment and character development of the main characters, as well as the relationship between them. For example, Sadie Adler is one of my favorite female characters in the game, because of her fragility and fearlessness, these characteristics are not common in female action game protagonists. You first find her avoiding Arthur and his gang in the opening mission of the game. You rarely see the challenging lives of brave women in action games, but Rockstar did it.

Why the walking simulator is so soothing

In addition to being fun to play, walking in the game has surprising psychological and psychological benefits. Andrew Priberski, Experimental psychologist and research director Oxford Internet Institute In an interview with Wired, we found that gameplay is positively correlated with happiness, as long as the game meets the psychological needs of ability (efficacy), autonomy (sense of choice), and relevance (sense of belonging).Games are an important part of them [gamers’] Self-care, motivation to cope, and in the case of augmented reality games, such as Pokémon Go, There is a reason to leave home. “

Want to escape the pressure of real life and become a fire watcher? Fire watcher It is a psychological environment exploration game set in the wilderness of Wyoming. You will play Henry, who has put aside his previous life and marital difficulties and is alone in a new job as a fire watcher in the vast sea of ​​people.


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