The 5 best cradles we tested (2021): Snoo, vibration, sound, cry detection


we have already Recommend Snoo For several years.This is the only true “smart” cradle, designed by Harvey Karp, he is best known for his Books about “5S” To put the child to sleep. He described to me that Snoo is an extra hand that allows babies to fall asleep again, and believes that it can add an hour or two of sleep time for ordinary babies at night. According to my experience, his claim has been confirmed.

Snoo will listen to and react to your baby’s voice. The exercise starts with a slow side-to-side swing, with a subtle sound of water, designed to mimic the uterus, and then if they start crying, they will become more powerful. The strongest stage is jelly shaking, accompanied by more white noise. It has a simple application for iPhone and Android phones that can record sleep patterns and allow you to modify how the cradle responds to your baby. If your baby’s pain reaches level 5, it will automatically stop and send you a notification after about a minute. I like to lock it at a lower level and adjust its sensitivity a bit.

Unlike all other cradles, it requires a special sleeping bag that can be attached to the sides and keep the baby lying on his back. If the sack is not properly connected, it will not work, which the company claims is “The safest crib ever. “Stomach sleep, overheating, and sleep at the same time are all Possible causes of small island developing States.

It costs US$1,500, which is expensive, but you can also rent it for US$149 per month. It looks very affordable, with clean, modern metal and mesh aesthetics. But it is not perfect. Sometimes it doesn’t react fast enough, sometimes it seems too aggressive, especially when your baby becomes smarter. I also wish it had a lid to block some light. And because my child vomits a lot, I sometimes lack sacks. (be sure Get some extra.) The Velcro on the sack can also be stronger.Finally, any product that supports the Internet has certain risks, and Snoo is Not invulnerable. You can turn off the Wi-Fi function, but if you turn it off, you will not be able to modify the settings.

This cradle should work “from birth to 6 months (or when the baby can stand on hands and knees)”. Read its user guide here.


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