Stop complaining about Mass Effect: Andromeda


After the release of BioWare This Last issue of Mass Effect In the 2012 trilogy, fans were breathlessly anticipating what would happen next. Keen gamers are eager to know where the studio will take the franchise. The games they got–Mass Effect: Andromeda——To put it mildly, a huge disappointment. Instead of a direct sequel, AndromedaFive years later than its predecessor, it was set in a completely different galaxy. The aliens are familiar, but the background and story are completely unfamiliar. To borrow a word, no one asked to do so.

Looking back, it is easy to understand anger. But, frankly speaking, disappointment has to do with what a large number of button smashers want, and it has nothing to do with whether game developers succeed in making the game they want to make. There are absolutely reasonable complaints–Andromeda Is an off-road vehicle hell When it came out, it was hard to enjoy.But the central argument against it seems to be Mass Effect: Andromeda It’s bad, because it’s not what people expect. Fans reacted badly to the game. BioWare cancelled plans to release additional downloadable content and turned its attention to fixing bugs. Frustration increases; gamers complain, or simply give up.

This version of the scene has been played dozens of times, not just in the game. When something—the movie franchise, the band, the YA trilogy—is loved, fans are always clamoring for more. But they often do this with preconceived notions, to be precise, what “more” looks like, usually this translates into “more the same.” It’s natural to want to spend more time with your favorite character or dance to a familiar beat, but the lightning won’t hit the same place twice, and the creator can’t help but grow and change. Sophomore album, star wars episode, Andromeda——These things have become the victims of anything that cannot repeat the past, when it is fresh. There is a difference between finding entertainment that disappoints the individual and entertainment that is objectively terrible. It is possible to decide that something is not what you want and therefore is not suitable for you; it is wrong to tell someone that they like something that does not meet your personal expectations. This is another matter entirely. Becoming a fan of something is not qualified to dominate its life course forever.

Friends who don’t know or have never played, Andromeda The story takes place about 600 years after the end of the original trilogy, in another galaxy.Between events Mass effect 2 and 3, A group of people left the Milky Way galaxy in a cold stagnant state and began a journey to the Andromeda galaxy for hundreds of years. Of course, something went wrong, and now your character Ryder will help your struggling people find a way to survive.This is not a terrible premise, but for gamers who stick to the original, it’s hard to forgive Andromeda Because it’s not a sequel Mass effect 3. It seems that everyone still misses their predecessor.

After release Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, Followed by news that the next part of the series may be a sequel to the original trilogy Andromeda, I decided to revisit that unfortunate title. It turns out that this is great.

Of course, part of the reason is that BioWare solved many of the problems early in the game. To be sure, there are still errors, but the gameplay is fun. The dubbing is great (Natalie Dormer and Kumail Nanjiani!), the staff you recruit during the game are reliable, from Jaal (part of the alien species you have to win) to Vetra, a Turian mercenary who raised her sister . (Let’s not talk about Cora, her wonderful haircut shows a lot of hope, but it turns out that she is an Asari appropriation horror story.)

If you didn’t give it a fair chance the first time you played the game, it’s worth revisiting.When you do, try to remember why Andromeda Was scolded like this at the beginning. Is it objectively bad, or is it just not what some fans want?


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