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In six words, write a story about the robot pop star.

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August 2021

Stories about self-driving cars

Illustration: Violet Reed

He thinks I want to take him home.

–Stephen Kramach, via email

Honor Award:

I take lithium to treat range anxiety. —@Jamesjoaquin from Twitter

I dreamt of the highway again. ——James Watts, from Facebook

Honestly, the police officer-human beings are driving. –Steve Majid, via email

Don’t let me pull me over. ——@Atlrun from Twitter

Smart cars drive themselves crazy. —@Frascafrasca from Twitter

Grandma or baby-shit. ——@Gaophilip from Twitter

Did I choose the right path? ——Andrew Dawson, via email

It requires long-distance driving. —Wade Shepard, via email

This is my way on the highway. — from Instagram

July 2021

Stories of accidental encounters with aliens

Illustration: Violet Reed

So, about the extended warranty period for your planet…

—@Phorne96 from Twitter

Honor Award:

You don’t look like your picture at all. ——@Markgyles from Twitter

Where are the lights, cameras…? -Thalia925, via email

They came too late, Elvis. –Bruce Lyon, from Facebook

In order to find important liquids, they requisitioned snacks. ——Scott Meddingz, via email

Do you have the right time and space? ——Richard Kzermien, via email

I woke up with the thought of exploring. ——@Andynez from Twitter

Take us to meet the Nigerian prince. -Juan Garcia, from Facebook

Unexpectedly, the cocktail recipe was exchanged. –John Wagner, via email

You are an alien! No, you are! [email protected] simon_staffans from Twitter

June 2021

A story about international digital robbery

Illustration: Violet Reed

Nothing is left, only zero.

—@Jamesnsmith from Twitter

Honor Award:

“Hand it over,” the ATM said. ——Lauren Dolan, via email

They never suspected that Alexa was Alexei. ——Liz Ransom, via email

Why don’t I help the prince? ——Harleigh Marsh, from Facebook

They say it is irreplaceable. They are wrong. —@Eminay86 from Twitter

Use his eyeballs when you have time. –Norraine Anastasia, from Facebook

“Update later” is the wrong choice. [email protected] from Instagram

Check Google Maps. Kiev is gone. —R0cket fr0g, via email

They escaped on the blockchain. —JYRWG, via email

Every photo of the cat is gone. The police were at a loss. —@John.cartan via Instagram

May 2021

A story about a peculiar discovery in physics

Illustration: Violet Reed

Gravity is a mutually agreed illusion.

–Mark Crane, via Facebook

Honor Award:

Schrodinger’s cat is actually a dog. ——@Tynanwrites from Twitter


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