Seaman takes a new turn in “Master of the Universe: Apocalypse”


New Netflix series Master of the Universe: Apocalypse,Depend on Kevin Smith, Is the latest product of Powerhouse Animation, the company also produced Netflix shows Blood of Zeus and Castlevania. Science Fiction Writer Zach Chapman Believe that it is better than its predecessors.

“I think animation actually surpasses Blood of Zeus——Of course in design and redesign, many roles,” Chapman said in episode 478 Geek Galaxy Guide podcast. “Then the quality of the animation itself. On average, the battle scene is more Castelvagna. “

Master of the Universe: Apocalypse Tells the story of Herman’s appearance in the 1983 children’s cartoon Seaman and the Lord of the Universe. Geek Galaxy Guide host David Barr Courtley I like this show very much, but I am surprised that it deviates from the classic He-Man formula. “I’m very disappointed, the show seems to exclude the characters I really remember,” he said. “My initial reaction was that I wanted to see more of the Seaman I remember, who switched back and forth between Adam and Seaman.”

TV writer Andrea Kyle Teela’s role was also problematic, and Teela became the focus of the series. “They often do this to female characters, and their lives are good: she has just been promoted, and she has a good relationship with her father-she just hugs him-and then she finds out that someone is lying to her, like,’That’s it. I dropped my sword and went out, I haven’t spoken to you for years,'” Kyle said. “It continues the stereotype of hateful, hysterical, emotional women. So I really hope they didn’t do that.”

But fantasy author Christopher M. Sebasco Established Master of the Universe: Apocalypse Become an almost perfect combination of classic characters and new ideas. “As someone who liked this show in the 80s, it met all the requirements I had hoped for,” he said. “I like their new direction from that starting point. So for me, I just think this is the best of both worlds, and I look forward to seeing what happens next.”

Listen to the full interview with Zach Chapman, Andrea Kail, and Christopher M. Cevasco in episode 478 Geek Galaxy Guide (more than). And check out some of the highlights in the discussion below.

David Barr Courtley skeleton:

“The man who invented the skeleton, he went to the amusement park when he was a child, and in the haunted house, the corpse on the lasso fell in front of him and frightened him. He was like,’That’s a real corpse! Me! Knowing that it is a real corpse. It turns out. used to be A real corpse. One gangster died in a gun battle with the police. No one came to collect the body, so the people at the funeral home decided to embalm him and charge an entrance fee to see him. Then a liar came to him and sold it to Carnival or something. It changed hands several times, and eventually people didn’t realize that it was a real corpse, and it ended up in this amusement park. …So this is what inspired Skeletor. “

Christopher M. Cevasco on Seaman and the Lord of the Universe:

“Actually, I used to record these episodes on VHS, and I would review them and make careful notes for the planned projects-which of course never happened-I wanted to make an outline of the whole world, detailed Explain history and geography, as well as the biographies of various characters… I like the fact that it is not just an ordinary cartoon, everything is on the surface. With the different plots throughout the operation, you You will find the layers of history behind the characters, they bring back certain elements, and with the development, the relationships and myths behind the world have developed more and more.”

Zach Chapman Orc:

“I think the Beastman should oppose Triclops for other reasons, not’Hey, don’t hurt Evil-Lyn.’ Why should he ally with her? His alliance should be with the beasts he controls. [The Triclops cult] Holding these nanomachines, they drink them, and they become partial machines. Therefore, as beasts, orcs belong to the natural world, and they should oppose the mashup of technology and flesh to pollute the natural world. I think it would be cooler if they walked that way. Immediately, I was like,’You make this person just a bodyguard, when he can be more interesting. ‘”

Andrea Kail’s comments on female writers:

“When I was watching [Masters of the Universe: Revelation], I watched the ending song at the beginning, and what impressed me was that there was only one female writer, and the protagonist-no matter what intent or purpose-was a woman. I just don’t understand why you can’t recruit more female writers there. There are no female directors either—just two men.Watching [Power of Grayskull] In the documentary this morning, they had more women participating in the original program in the 80s. …There are now calls for more powerful female roles, which is good, but we need more women behind the scenes. We need more women to write female stories. “

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