Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 and Galaxy Z Flip3 review: Folding fun


We all use Our mobile phone will do. It is not shameful to admit this. Sometimes just staring at a cat casually pushing the glass away from the countertop, sometimes just in response to Slack’s notification. I usually hate doing some tasks on my phone, so I usually wait until I get back to my comfortable desk. Until Samsung’s new folding phone enters the bathroom-uh, picture.

this Galaxy Z Fold 3 Has an ancient shape Nokia E90 Communicator; It is tall and remote, but it opens like a book, revealing a huge 7.3-inch screen. There is also a narrow screen on the front for when you don’t need all the screen space (or when you don’t have two free hands). Sales slogan? Turn your phone into a mini tablet anytime, anywhere.

After using for two days, the bathroom is the premise Click. I am responding to an email, but I need to view an attachment at the same time. On a normal phone, I can switch between attachments and emails, but this is annoying, especially when you try to quote the text in the attachment. Using the narrow split-screen mode is not so fun either.

But with Fold3, I turned on the phone, placed the attachment on the right side of the screen, and the draft email on the left. No need to remember anything, and no need to deal with applications. great! I did more of these tasks on Fold3, and I usually save these tasks for my laptop or PC. Not always in the bathroom! Sometimes I lie in bed before the start of the day, or when I go out to walk the dog. It is not always related to work.

I also spent some time on another folding phone from Samsung, Galaxy Z Flip3, This is not so much a productivity tool as it is a smartphone that can be put in almost any pocket.These two gadgets are iterative Their predecessors, But they have reached the maturity that makes them the first Folding phone I would be happy to recommend it to almost anyone who can bear the price.

Transfer out

Flip3 uses a familiar clamshell design.

Photo: Samsung

Among the two foldable products, Galaxy Z Flip3 has a wider appeal. It is colorful and stylish, not to mention its starting price of $1,000, which is one of the lowest prices of its kind that we have seen. (Its accessories Looks equally wonderful.) Most importantly, it is compact. Take an ordinary rectangular smartphone and fold it in half so that the top edge meets the bottom edge downwards. That is Flip3. How can you hate it?

In the folded state, its size and thickness are approximately the size and thickness of a stack of sticky notes.It fits perfectly Anywhere. Yes, even those skinny jeans, so you can Push those overalls back to the warehouse. Every time I put it on a desk or bedside table, I can’t stop admiring the small space it takes up. If you have ever complained about the size of modern smartphones, this is a good solution. I also really like the physical experience of turning the phone on and off. I noticed that when I don’t use it, I always play with it in my hands, like a super expensive fingertip spinning top.


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