Ryan Reynolds calls for support for the big “free man” cameo


Free man It’s pop culture in the blender.A smoothie twitch, YouTube, Reddit thread and Mariah Carey.Mainly set in a video game that feels like somewhere in between Fort night and Grand Theft Auto, This movie feels familiar and fresh. According to Ryan Reynolds, he is a non-playable character named Guy, which is by design.

“Nowadays, wholesale, original, non-IP, non-comic, and non-sequel movies are increasingly rare,” Reynolds told Wired magazine. “I remember seeing back to the Future For the first time, I am not combining our movie with back to the Future, But I kind of wish it had a little magic. I like to be immersed in a world that I’m not familiar with. It’s a reminiscence to experience the true fulfillment of one’s wish, such as, Amblin sky. “

However, to do this, he and director Sean Levy must also give the audience something familiar, just to attract them. solution? Reliefs and Easter eggs-small details that require multiple viewings to capture. “When we get a scene that we think might be perfect,” Reynolds said, “We always think,’Well, now it must be 30% better than perfect.'” He did this by calling for support. Pull down some stunts and borrow a lot of Disney toys.These are just some of the secrets behind Free man Is made.

(Spoiler warning: If you haven’t read it, please don’t continue reading Free man.)

Captain America is the biggest hero of the movie

In all the surprises Free manChris Evans cameo easily became the biggest. In the ending of the movie, Guy is trying to save his video game world. He uses one of Marvel’s most iconic weapons: Captain America’s shield to create an enhanced version of himself. When he did this, the battle in the game shattered Evans watching the live broadcast at the coffee shop. The man who played Steve Rogers for ten years spat and exclaimed, “What shit?!” Getting Evans is one of Reynolds’ greatest favors. “He was in Boston, and I texted him,” Reynolds said. “As a complete gentleman and gentleman, he just got in the car and got off. We let him in and out in seven minutes.”

Disney donated a large number of Easter eggs

Free man When Disney completed its acquisition of 21st Century Fox, it was already in progress-it turned out that this move was very accidental for this movie. In addition to Cap’s shield, the merger also allows Levy and Reynolds to use, including: lightsaber, Hulk fist and some iconic music. “Disney is very protective of our movies, which is weird,” Reynolds said. “So we asked if we could borrow some IP. The question between Shawn and me quickly became “How can we process $44 billion in intellectual property in 16 seconds?” “It’s a bit of a tightrope between permission and forgiveness. They said,’You can use this or this.’ We just heard that’You can use all these things plus their respective scores.'”

Little stunts are the most terrible

For all its farce and button smashing, Free man It is also an action movie-although it is part of a video game. This meant that Reynolds and his partner Judy Comer had to do a lot of jumping, shooting, flying and other pranks.Both have experience-Reynolds and dead Pool Movie, come on Kill eve——But for Reynolds, he was worried about tricks. “Big stunts scare me more than little stunts-the ones you end up like breaking your little finger or hurting things that bother you in the rest of the movie,” he said. However, there was a bigger feat that frightened him: he rode a motorcycle through the window, slid to the ground, stood up, took off his helmet, and continued to walk. “It was a difficult journey,” Reynolds said. “I think we only did it 3 times. I’m glad I can still do something like this.”

Free man Rewritten.a lot of

Because Free man It’s about the ever-changing world of games and artificial intelligence, and because Reynolds and Levy like to punch their material, they keep updating the script as they shoot. Both live in New York and take the train to Boston every week to shoot, so “we will just sit there with laptops and rewrite scenes.” This is the source of many of Guy’s personalities as sentient artificial intelligence. “Shawn Levy and I very much agree with the idea that you should listen to your movie because it will talk to you,” Reynolds said. “One of the things that really develops in an interesting way is the artificial intelligence function. The idea in the movie Guy really brings us to a utopian idea. [of the future]. “

About that Deadpool poster…and Deadpool 3

One last thing.Among all the blinks in the movie and the Easter eggs you will miss, one not easy to miss is dead Pool Decorate posters on the wall for young gamers. Reynolds has now played Wade Wilson in two films and plans to star in the third one. He swears that he has nothing to do with it.He also swore that he could not provide many details about what was happening Deadpool 3 Beyond “We are working; we are working very, very hard.” However, he does have something to say about the rumors that he wants to borrow Owen Wilson’s Mobius. Rocky For the movie. “This hasn’t happened yet,” he said. “The one I can debunk.”

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