Questions about extending the evacuation deadline in Kabul


Afghanistan Update

As the Taliban warned that if foreign troops stay in the country after the deadline, the possibility of the United States extending the emergency evacuation time from Afghanistan beyond August 31 has been reduced.

Taliban spokesperson Suhail Shaheen said that changing the deadline would extend the “red line” of the “occupation”.

“If the United States or the United Kingdom want to seek more time to continue to evacuate-the answer is no,” Shaheen told Sky News in Qatar. “Otherwise there will be consequences.”

Earlier, British Defense Minister James Shipper stated that the Taliban “got a vote” to decide whether to allow the air bridge from Kabul to continue to operate after the deadline for the United States to completely withdraw from the country.

Heappey said that the situation on the ground may not allow an extension because the Western powers are struggling to cope with the chaos around the Kabul airport surrounded by Taliban checkpoints.

He added that trying to use force to extend the evacuation time could turn Kabul into a “war zone” and make it more difficult to rescue thousands of Afghans, Western civilians and military personnel.

“Even if the political will of London, Washington, Paris, and Berlin is postponed, the Taliban may refuse,” he told LBC Radio. “The Taliban also got the vote, which is why we continue to work hard for the 31st vote.”

He confirmed that it is impossible for Britain and other NATO allies to send new troops to occupy the Kabul Airport after the U.S. forces withdraw. “When the United States leaves, the mission must end,” he said.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will urge the United States on Tuesday to allow more time for the evacuation while presiding over the meeting. Virtual G7 Summit Regarding the Afghanistan crisis, US President Joe Biden said on Sunday that he is considering this issue.

But last month, Biden said on Sunday that all US military operations will end on August 31, saying that he “hopes” to comply with the deadline.

Reuters quoted Taliban sources as saying that the West did not take any measures to extend the deadline.

If the August 31 deadline still exists, Western politicians are trying to “compress” the evacuation schedule to see if more civilians can be evacuated.

Biden chose to advance an agreement reached by the Trump administration with the Taliban last year to end US military operations before the 20th anniversary of the September 11 attacks, so he promised to withdraw troops. With the withdrawal of American soldiers, the Islamic radical movement seized power shortly after the nationwide blitzkrieg.

According to the original plan, London is assuming that it will take a week for the troops at Kabul Airport to complete their evacuation.

This means that British officials have stated that the final evacuation of civilians may need to take place as early as Tuesday.

Planners now expect the flight to last The rest of the week, But Heappey confirmed that it is impossible to evacuate all British nationals and Afghans supporting NATO missions.

In the second phase of the evacuation, the UK has agreed to resettle 20,000 Afghans within five years and will need to seek refugees who arrive in the UK through a third country such as Pakistan.

Johnson hopes that Tuesday’s G7 talks will also focus on long-term solutions to the Afghan crisis, but he acknowledged that after the U.S. retreat, the cooperation of China and Russia is needed to prevent chaos.

Britain is working with France to develop a UN Security Council resolution that may win the support of Moscow and Beijing. “It’s really important that we have a united front,” a British official said. The Security Council is expected to meet later this week.

The resolution is expected to cover issues such as counter-terrorism work, humanitarian assistance, and conditions for the world’s contact with the Taliban. “We will judge them based on their behavior,” the British official said.


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