Protect people with weakened immune systems and keep everyone safe


Earlier this summer, When I started planning my family’s first real vacation in two years, I carefully chose the national park we were going to. White Sands, Arches, Bryce Canyon, Capitol Reef, Joshua Tree and Sequoia National Park are easily advanced-we can avoid the crowds and do many open-air excursions. We skipped Zion-it was too risky to walk through the crowds and take the necessary sardine shuttle. My children would also like to see Roswell and its aliens, but the main attraction is an indoor museum. Although my husband and I were both vaccinated, both of our children were under 12 years old and therefore were not vaccinated.As the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has Roll back desperately For the mask recommendation in May, we have been asking, can we visit safely? How many people will there be? How many people wear masks?

The main reason for our caution and anxiety is my husband. He took drugs that weakened the immune system. Throughout the pandemic—especially in the past six months, with the increasing relaxation of restrictions—maybe no other group has been more ignored or forgotten by the Covid guidelines than people with weakened immunity. The only reason my husband agrees with our road trip is that almost every stop is outside. However, every time we stop at a gas station or enter the hotel lobby and find that no one is masked except ourselves, it is hard not to feel nervous.

We wear KN-95, but we know that masks can provide maximum protection in the following situations Other people around you also wear themAlthough many of my vaccinated friends have begun to visit restaurants, bars, health clubs and other places again, our family still provides delivery or curbside pick-up services for most of our shopping, and the kids know that watching movies or shopping malls Is impossible. The CDC’s mask guidance shift has made the basic tasks of families like ours even more risky.Where we live in North Texas, almost no one wears a mask in the store, and Less than half of our county Fully vaccinated, basic mathematics tells us that not all of them are vaccinated.

The lack of consideration by public health authorities and the general public on people with weakened immune systems is not only dangerous for more than 10 million people with weakened immune systems, but also for the public health as a whole. Alpha variants such as science Report In December, it was almost certainly caused by an infection People with weakened immunity Their long-term battle with Covid provides ample opportunities for the evolution of the virus. New evidence Indicating that other variants, possibly including Delta, may have a similar evolution, a recent report in the UK warned that more variants may develop in the same way. Our collective state choice not to protect the most vulnerable among us may also be an option to prolong the pandemic.

by the time We travel in June, Preliminary evidence suggestion My husband’s medication may not prevent his immune system from responding to the vaccine, so he may have some antibodies. But we don’t know how many, how rare a breakthrough infection is, or how his body will deal with this infection.

Looking back at last week: When new data on Delta transmission among vaccinators caused the CDC to tighten its mask recommendations, we felt more anger than relief.We know you can’t put Elf back in the bottleWe have seen a slight increase in the number of people wearing masks, but most people in our area still do not wear masks because the store stopped the request in May.When the CDC Published data A few days later, I explained its decision, and worried friends sent me a lot of information: How likely are they to get a breakthrough infection? Should they stop eating in indoor restaurants? Is flying still safe enough?

This Uncertainty and uneasiness In the past week, many vaccinated people have felt that our family and millions of other immune-compromised members have been living together for the past year and a half.Except that the risk is now higher for people with weakened immune systems, because they are more contagious and May be more toxic, Delta is.

Although the CDC Messy messagingFor most people, vaccines still have a high degree of protection against serious diseases.However, a “mild” Covid-19 infection is not necessarily feel Gentle to the infected. Although many people experience conditions similar to a mild cold or no symptoms at all, others have been in bed for two to four days due to illness.”On par with debilitating food poisoning“As Susan Matthews recently wrote on Slate. If this is the experience of some healthy people, what would a breakthrough infection look like for people with weakened immune systems? Regardless of whether they have vaccine-generated antibodies, The situation may be much more serious.


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