Poland should not stay in the EU “at any cost”, the minister said


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Poland should not stay in the EU “at all costs”. The country’s justice minister stated that in the legal standoff between Warsaw and Brussels, he called the EU an attempt to “blackmail”.

The European Commission has asked Poland to comply with ruling The European Court of Justice (ECJ) opposes a key part of the reform of the Polish judicial system.Brussels threatened fine If Warsaw does not comply.

Zbigniew Ciobro insisted on Friday that Poland should not back down, accusing the European Court of Justice of having a “colonial mentality.” He believes that if Warsaw makes concessions in the struggle for judicial reform, it will eventually be forced to make concessions in other areas such as gay rights.

“I am totally opposed to the illegal blackmail by the European Union through the European Court of Justice,” he told the Rzeczpospolita newspaper.

“If we agree today with the European Court of Justice’s illegal directives on matters that it has no right to intervene, then tomorrow the European Court of Justice will make a ruling, such as requiring Poland to introduce same-sex marriages and such couples to adopt children.”

When asked whether Poland should stay in the EU at any cost, he added. “In any case, we should work hard to defend our autonomy and our position in the EU. Otherwise, the Poles will lose EU membership. So [we should] Enter, but without paying any price. “

Opinion polls show that the vast majority of Poles want to stay in the European Union. The European Union has provided billions of euros in funding for the Polish economy and provided millions of Poles with opportunities to live and work abroad.

However, the five-year battle surrounding Polish judicial reform — the EU says it undermines the rule of law — has strained relations between Brussels and the Polish conservative nationalist coalition government. This has also raised questions about Poland’s long-term status in the European Union.

The European Court of Justice ruled on July 15 that the new Polish Judges Disciplinary Chamber can punish judges, which is a recent outbreak of tension. The content of their verdict -Violation of EU law.

In response, the president of the Polish Supreme Court partially suspended the chamber on Thursday. Moderate figures in the government, such as Prime Minister Mateus Morawiecki, have previously supported the prospect of change.

He said last month: “Today, we may be reviewing the activities of the Disciplinary Committee.” “Because that room certainly did not meet all our expectations, including mine.”

However, Ciobro, the head of the Polish joint organization, one of the two smaller alliance partners of Morawiecki’s Law and Justice League, said he disagrees with Morawiecki’s approach to the EU.

“The Prime Minister is a supporter who seeks to compromise, and we believe that the EU’s aggression deserves a strong response,” he said.


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