Poland changes its controversial judicial disciplinary system


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Poland will modify a controversial system Disciplinary judge Always in the center Legal disputes The country’s de facto leader, Jaroslaw Kaczynski, said on Saturday that as far as the European Union is concerned.

The European Commission has asked Poland to determine how to comply with judgment It was filed by the European Court of Justice (ECJ), which ruled last month that the judicial disciplinary system violated EU law.The committee warned Warsaw that it could Face a fine If it fails to do so.

Kaczynski said that he did not recognize the European Court of Justice’s ruling and that it went beyond the scope allowed by the EU treaty. But he said that his conservative nationalist coalition would “abolish the disciplinary committee in its current form.”

The Judges Disciplinary Chamber is one of the judicial reforms implemented by the ruling party in recent years. It has been severely condemned by Brussels for undermining judicial independence.

Kaczynski said that the plan will propose changes to the system in September-currently allowing judges to be punished for the content of their judgments.

“This will test whether the EU is ready to show at least superficial goodwill, or whether the rules are that Poland should be governed by people selected by EU institutions,” he said in an interview. The People’s Action Party of the State News Agency.

However, he added that this does not mean that the chamber “will not operate in any form.” “No one expects us to do this, but it will be a completely different entity,” he said, claiming that the withdrawal has nothing to do with the European Court of Justice’s ruling.

Kaczynski is the founder of the ruling Law and Justice Party and is widely regarded as the most powerful politician in Poland, and Kaczynski’s intervention comes at a time when the coalition is engaged in a heated debate on how to respond to the European Court of Justice’s decision. .

On Friday, Poland’s hawkish Attorney General Zbigniew Ziobro, one of the two smaller alliance partners of the Law and Justice League, led the unity of Poland, insisting that Poland should not succumb to Pressure from the EU and accuses the EU blackmail.

“The European Court of Justice stated that Poles are not allowed to do what Germans, Dutch or Spanish can do. This is a colonial mentality and has nothing to do with the law,” he said in an interview with the newspaper Nation, adding that Poland does not Should stay in the EU “at all costs”.

The fierce disagreement over how to respond to the European Court of Justice’s ruling is the latest in a series of disputes that have disrupted the alliance and raised questions about whether it will survive until the end of the 2023 term.

When asked whether his party would remain in the alliance if Poland made concessions to Brussels, Ciobro said that “compromises are limited.”

“The basic definition of our interests and our position in the EU must be that Poles cannot be treated worse than others,” he said. “If we agree to this in the judicial field, then we will eventually face similar treatment in all other fields.”


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