Pokimane has done enough-there is still a lot to do


Anys’ new obsession is not isolated; alliance In the early 2010s, it spread like wildfire on the Internet of gamers, and finally promoted the rise of a new live broadcast website called Twitch.tv. Launched in 2011, Twitch has attracted the attention of the world’s top gamers, who have been playing on the site for hours. call-of-duty Special effects lens and military grade Starcraft 2 Plays attracted a dedicated audience of G Gamer in uppercase. By 2013, the average audience of the entire platform was only hovering around 200,000. Every live broadcast is accompanied by a real-time chat scrolling, where fans send spam emojis, and novices pose FAQ-style questions to the emerging class of micro celebrities.

Anys is always outgoing and sees Twitch as an opportunity to make more gaming friends, especially with other women. (There are not many people in her high school.) She registered in June 2013 and chose the handle Pokimane, which is a mixture of Pokémon and Imane, as she later told the audience, ironically tapping her forehead.She felt that only when she reached the platinum level, she won the right to broadcast herself. League The competitive ladder later that year. She bought a $250 desktop computer from a classifieds website, went to Twitch, and clicked Go Live.

In an early clip on her channel, Anys’ face appeared in a small box next to her alliance window. Her character Jinx carries a rocket launcher and is defending her team’s connection with five enemies. Anys is very attentive, her cheeks bulge, because she traps an enemy and launches them, launches the second, lures the third into her base and launches them, chases the escaped fourth and launches them, and finally, the health condition Poor but bloodthirsty, even a little arrogant, yelled, “Oh, give me five cents, man! “ Teasing the fifth base that goes deeper into her team, and then also soars them. Anys turned into a giggle.

In the live broadcast, Anys is bright, lively, and amiable-completely different from the stoic Call of Duty: Black Ops II with Counter-Strike Global Offensive The streamer bent over and muttered vague swear words on the glowing black keyboard. Obviously, she is an excellent gamer. And, obviously, gorgeous. But she also has a huge range as a human being. After dying in the turret, she screamed “FUUUUUUUUUUCK” into the microphone for a moment. alliance, And the next dignified suggestion to her audience how to use bronze to shape the outline. She is an aspiring person, a natural balance between femininity and gamers, Internet magnates and anime magical girls that has not yet become mainstream.

At the time, Anys was studying at McMaster University in Ontario and was studying chemical engineering. As a freshman, she balanced 120% of the class load with the semi-regular Twitch streaming schedule, and arranged her classes for 10 to 12 hours a day, with live streaming in the afternoon or evening three days a week.

This is no longer just for making friends; for Anys, Twitch has become a part-time job. It started to give back what she had invested: to pay for college expenses, she applied for student loans of more than $20,000. The more she broadcasts, the sooner she can pay off her debts. The audience donated a small amount of money-5 dollars or 10 dollars or 25 dollars-attached to the message (“sick game!!!” “cute clothes!!!” “fuck you!!!”), she bravely admitted And responded to these messages. Behind her, I saw her webcam, which was a whiteboard filled with usernames written by Rainbow, which was an artificial donation wall in a dormitory room.

Many Twitch anchors train customers in this way, earning a few dollars an hour to invest in new graphics cards, professional microphones, and maybe even one or two IRL bills. Selected top streaming media also benefited from sponsorship, mainly from game-specific brands at the time. These companies don’t mind being associated with men—they are almost always men—and they sometimes yell in frustration in what are now euphemistically called “exciting game moments,” or write their female counterparts as “Ambilight”, no matter how well women play. Culturally, Twitch is a pit. Many of them are definitely not brand friendly.


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