‘Pokémon Unite’ is the perfect and simple game we need now


Every year, yes Until the peach season, pop culture experts will participate in the popular “Summer Song”.It must be danceable and optimistic, yes, somewhere there billboardBut it must also capture the essence of the year it describes—or more specifically, the short respite of summer.

After experiencing the largest game ever, inspired by the stay-at-home order and self-isolation, game Summer may also be for: social enough to use the energy of our post-vax alliance, and light enough to temporarily calm the lingering anxiety, because The epidemic continues. Put aside some nostalgia, because many of us are thinking Better before. Pokémon UnitedThe game launched on July 21 may be this game-a simple and addictive team-based combat game that perfectly relaxes us when we need it most.

Players in Pokémon United Is a Pokémon trainer, he sent their Pokemon into a five-on-five match. Their team wins by scoring the most in the opponent’s goals. Pokémon earn these points, upgrades and even evolve by killing smaller Pokémon scattered on the map or fighting other players’ monsters. Upgrades can unlock new and better moves. For example, Charmander started with Fire Spin and Flame Burst. When it evolves into Charmeleon and Charizard, players can customize their actions using flamethrower, long-range fire attack or fire fist, sprint attack, etc. This is the infinite simplicity and movement of the popular genre: multiplayer online battle arena or MOBA. (think League of Legends Either Heroes of the Storm).

Every round Pokémon United Contains the following content: small success, big success, big failure, and finally a catharsis of winning or losing. The rhythm is charming. The momentum starts when the player slams the little monster and gradually approaches the area of ​​the opponent. Then when the back of the ghost Pokémon Gengar turns around, they may deduct 10 points from the enemy’s goal. Energetic, they might take a group of Pokemon and 50 points deep into the danger zone in their back pockets. Arrogance made them too close to the enemy’s base, and they were immediately overwhelmed by the entire enemy team. Fifty points are gone. Failure is exciting and educational. Unlike the more competitive MOBA, players cannot really measure their performance until the end of the game.

Because each game only lasts 5 to 10 minutes, and because the mechanics are relatively simple, it is not easy at least at the beginning. Just like a person, I focus on my childhood favorites, Venus, Before I touched him. (Every Pokémon I meet is funny; you can never go wrong.) Pokémon United Give players time and space to learn the basics. Even if they don’t, no one can yell at them because communication is disabled, except for preset phrases like “I want to be on the list.” As more and more mechanisms appear-such as combining actions with other players or coordinated action groups-Pokémon United Becomes no longer like a children’s football game, but more like FIFA.

This is not to say that it is inherently complicated. Pokémon United Let you invest in it as you like, and will not punish you for playing casually.You don’t need to know MOBA, Pokémon, or even general video games to get started Pokémon United have fun. If you want, you can also cheese grating your brain based on the grade list, and build recommendations and get your minimum-maximum repair. As with any summer pop music, the lesson here is that complex does not mean more satisfying.


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