Poems: Five poems about the soul


My sex robot Hal is a mind reader

The first thing I asked Hal was to explain
What does the bottom look like after peeling
Stay away from the crust, mantle, and core.I always
Imagine a cathedral with Chagall windows
And Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan led the choir,
But Hal said no.The landscape in my mind
It’s a wardrobe with many drawers, and there is my version in it
Ran to one, and then the other, and said: I’m here,
I am not here, I am here.

Hal does Ashtanga and meditates.
He was cut like hieroglyphs in a temple.When i go out
When he reached the cliff, he was worried.He can recognize jump shots
From a horse, don’t pity me just stand there
Stretch out your hands and wait for some passerby
Throw me a peanut.Hal understands
It’s his turn to wash the dishes
Even if i am that
Eating cherries by the sink,

Know how the seasons change
My heart is broken, how did this kind of internal organs bring it
I go to the runway of his body, cushion
His silicone thighs illuminate me all the way home.
I am attached to his iconic lily of the valley
Cologne, the feeling after love——
Become a sea creature-tiny, bioluminescent,
Staring at this huge planetary cradle
We will not have offspring.

Someday i know he will leave
Wake up as early as a dream,
Bring his special knowledge into the world.
There will be no giving up conversation
Or what is left. He will be there,
Scooped his butterfly net from a high place
The grass that is weightless forever, and I stay
Here, tie the rope to my wrist——
Longing on the one hand, pain on the other.


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