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History does not record how Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal spent the 78 days of NATO bombing Yugoslavia. Novak Djokovic turned 12 during asylum, and he has reason to remember his actions. Those who would dislike this man’s toughness might consider where he got it.

At some point, maybe next month in New York, the Serb will become the greatest male tennis player of all time. (Playing four more Grand Slams, the gender qualifiers will be out.) At no time will he be the most respected: not even second, not even the man of his time.

The answer is why. Purists say that his style is consumable, as if an angel is crying when Nadal is playing. People who have gone through the stage of Federer’s golden combination have mentioned the problem of self. An old fan of John McEnroe, that “character”, regrets his temper. You are left behind, as if he was serving the theory first. The eternal hairline? Is that annoying? Nationalism: How many of the lukewarm people know it?

That’s right, he crashed at a sparkling party ten years ago. But the disintegration of “Fedal” (Washingtons in my mind prefer the mixed word “Federal”) is no more rude than Nadal’s usurpation of the Swiss. In fact, in terms of style, this is not shocking. Nadal was soon allowed to withdraw from this rookie role. Djokovic will always be tolerated. Judging from the crowd in Paris last month-“Sisipas! Sisipas!”-it was not just these two people who got his approval.

I tend to blame the personality worship of tennis, which is the favorite sport of people who don’t like sports. (No one in football belittles Lionel Messi because of his blankness.) But even this won’t work.

Djokovic is the most expansive and curious of the Big Three. Not only does he speak multiple languages, but he also focuses on learning. For faith or at least practice, he roamed east of the Serbian Orthodox Church. Whether his diet stems from “quantum physics”, he cares how much.

His critics did not even correctly understand his real flaws.This is not the bionic cold that Slavic athletes have pinned on them since then Rocky IV, It’s almost the opposite. A person who maintains a “grateful diary” and “connection with my own soul” is too open-minded, not too closed.

If his personality Yes How can it not work that can cut your fingers? Without whitewashing life in Basel or Mallorca, Belgrade in the 1990s was a very difficult position.

The mystery of the unpopular champion almost defeated me. I don’t know what he bores people. But I am not surprised that his background plays so little in mitigation.

Unpopular champion: Wimbledon men’s singles final against Italy’s Berrettini in July © Getty Images

In the 20 years of politics and related fields, it took a while for a truth to manifest in me. “Background story” is almost trivial. It rarely arouses public understanding. It wins zero freedom for personal defects. Even in addition to natural prejudices, voters have many reasons to discount biographies. Those who have a good start in life don’t want to remind people of their stupid luck. Those who do not want to be reminded that they have not reached the escape speed.

The suffering of childhood did not help John Major against Tony Blair. The opposite of its extravagance does not prohibit Donald Trump or Boris Johnson from obtaining the status of the People’s Tribune. When politicians defeated their social elites (Bill Clinton and George H. W. Bush), it was only accidentally because of their background. Although it is difficult to isolate variables here, I feel that the background story, an obsession with politics, hardly determines any elections. The same is true in business. People prefer Richard Branson of Stowe School, and even prefer the soft-faced self-made version with hard-faced and short-term insurance.

If you get rid of a traumatic youth in a sunny form, the trauma will not increase your attractiveness. If you crawl out of scarred and prickly things, don’t count on these weak permits. This is as true in the workplace as it is in public places. I see a stagnation in my career.

Given Djokovic’s origin, his personal strength is natural. But he failed. He is judged to be the same as Federer and Nadal, although formative differences include being born on the harsh side of the Iron Curtain. Compared with individual case studies, we prefer the frequency of “mobility” ideas.

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