Pakistani security adviser complains that Joe Biden did not call Imran Khan


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Pakistan’s national security adviser complained that US President Joe Biden failed to contact Prime Minister Imran Khan because Washington sought help to prevent the Taliban from taking over Afghanistan after the US withdrawal.

In the cold reception from Washington, the Taliban, inspired by the withdrawal of the United States, occupied a large area of ​​Afghanistan in a relentless offensive.Government of Ashraf Ghani, President of Afghanistan Publicly criticize Pakistan Support the Taliban to ensure their strategic interests in the region.

In recent years, Washington has relied on Pakistan’s help to bring senior Taliban leaders to the negotiating table and reached an agreement to withdraw from the country with few attacks on American soldiers. However, despite Khan’s call to become a partner for peace and expand US-Pakistan relations beyond Afghanistan, Biden has not called him since taking office this year.

“The President of the United States has not spoken to the prime minister of such an important country. The United States itself says that this country has succeeded or failed under certain circumstances, and in certain respects, in Afghanistan — it is difficult for us to understand this signal, right? Right?” said Moeed Yusuf, Pakistan’s national security adviser, in an interview with the British “Financial Times” at the Pakistani Embassy in Washington.

“We are told every time… [the phone call] It will happen, this is technical or other reasons. But frankly, people don’t believe it,” he said.

“If a phone call is a concession, if the security relationship is a concession, then Pakistan has a choice,” he added, but declined to elaborate.

Pakistan has established a deep relationship with its “hard-core brother” China. China has invested billions of dollars in infrastructure projects as part of its “One Belt, One Road” initiative.

A senior official in the Biden administration said: “There are still some world leaders, President Biden who has not been able to talk in person. He looks forward to talking with Prime Minister Khan in due course.”

The diplomatic insult is the latest setback in U.S.-Pakistan relations after cooperation during the war on terrorism. Al-Qaeda was an Islamic organization founded by Osama bin Laden after the 9/11 attack on the Twin Towers.

In 2004, due to Washington’s need to support operations in Afghanistan, the United States listed Pakistan as an official major non-NATO ally. However, the US government has since often accused its allies of harboring Taliban insurgents, which Pakistan has denied.

During the Trump administration, after Donald Trump accused his allies of “just lies and deception,” the United States cut off $2 billion in security assistance to Pakistan. However, after Trump reached an agreement with the Taliban who depended on Pakistan for help, he invited Khan to the White House.

Yusuf traveled to Washington as part of the delegation, including the head of the Pakistani Intelligence Service, to discuss the crisis in Afghanistan.

A person familiar with last week’s discussions with National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said that the dialogue on Afghanistan has been “difficult” but to ensure a political settlement-regional experts believe that it is unlikely that with the Taliban making progress on the battlefield- May help improve the situation in Afghanistan. U.S.-Pakistan relations are dramatized.

“There are many efforts in progress [negotiated settlement] The process becomes a more meaningful process,” the person said. “It can be said that this is the moment when our interests are truly aligned, but it really depends on what they want to do next. “

Some analysts in Washington believe that Khan was left out because he was seen as a puppet of Pakistan’s powerful security and military institutions.

Yusuf said: “Pakistan does not have the problem of military-civilian disconnection. If the Prime Minister does not instruct me and the delegation to come here, let me affirm that we will not come here,” Yusuf said, adding that Pakistan has already dealt with the Taliban. The influence is weakened.

During their visit, PBS broadcasted interview With Khan, he said that the United States had “really screwed up” in Afghanistan, adding that Washington treated Pakistan “more like a gun for hire.”This is a recent series Key snippet Considering Pakistan’s efforts to ensure the reset, some US officials think the timing is strange.

Yousef said that his conversation with Sullivan was “constructive”, but if these media appear to be counterproductive, Pakistan will “reconsider” and said the goal is to “not disturb anyone” [but to] Very frankly expressed Pakistan’s views on the situation.”

Additional report by Stephanie Findlay in New Delhi


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