On Roblox, children learn that making money games is difficult


Rob Rox Has become a giant in electronic games, in recent years dominated the field of children’s games, and received $454 million in revenue income Only last quarter. A new report believes that the basis for success is the use of young game developers, many of whom are children who make content for games.

As a platform, Rob Rox It provides gamers with tools to create and play an almost unfathomable series of “experiences”, from climbing huge stairs to operating a restaurant to escaping from prison.Tens of millions of such games continue Rob RoxThe browser-hundreds of times more than the existing games on Steam. Every day, 43 million people play these games, most of them children. Some of the most popular experiences have received billions of visits and earn millions of dollars for developers every year.

However, according to a new report, this model-it supports most Rob RoxThe great success of-may take advantage of young game developers. People Make Games, a YouTube channel by independent game reporters, released on Thursday, “how Rob Rox Is exploiting young game developers“In-depth discussion of the “fulfillment” of the promise Rob Rox And claimed that the platform actually failed child developers.

“Since becoming a listed company, Rob Rox It’s more valuable now than electronic arts,” Quintin Smith, producer of People Make Games, told Wired magazine. The company was valued at $45 billion in a direct listing earlier this year. “Because of the majority of the platforms Games are made by minors, and the income distribution is only one-third of the industry standard. We investigated whether these young developers are really being exploited. “(Traditionally, game stores will take 30% of the revenue that publishers earn on their platforms and give 70% to developers. Rob Rox To the developer Only 25%, plus spending based on participation. )

Analysis of people making games Rob RoxEconomics highlights the gap between the two Rob RoxCommitment and reality as a way for children to become game developers: making money is very challenging Rob Rox, and Rob Rox Profit from people trying.

Nothing is more tempting than letting the bank do what you like. As the value of the game industry continues to expand, young gamers seem to finally be possible: work in a game development studio, live broadcast on Twitch, and compete Specializing in e-sports. However, in the past decade, the gaming industry has become aware of widespread bad labor practices—from 12 hours of work in a top studio arrive Ridiculous imbalance Sign a contract with the manager. Low wages and Poor working conditions Is common. Angry, concentrated, passionate gamers feel about their favorite media making them easy targets for exploitation.

Rob Rox Tend to develop the financial success potential of the game in its marketing copy. Roblox Studio’s website is its developer engine, promoting the company’s three tenants for aspiring young developers: “do anything”, “reach millions of players” and “earn a lot of cash”. the last point, Rob Rox Point out that top developers earn more than $2 million per year through the platform.Developer testimonials celebrate how Rob Rox Let them get rid of the financial difficulties of college students, and even laugh at their prospects for lifelong careers in gaming. Rob Rox‘S YouTube channel also promotes mini documentaries to beautify its most successful developers.On the Internet, publications such as Forbes And BBC released about Rob Rox The developer pays off his parents mortgage Or their University tuition.


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