New York State Attorney General Letitia James fights for the city’s disadvantaged


Leticia James Update

Three years ago, when she campaigned to become the attorney general of New York State—a position that had never been held by a woman of color before—Letia “Tish” James gave her a strong impression of the state’s powerful governor Andrew Co. Mo (Andrew Cuomo) was outraged by the influence of the suggestion. This seems to be a reasonable suspicion: After all, Cuomo has supported James and opened up his fundraising network to her.

James responded strongly. “I didn’t buy it, no boss,” she said, borrowing a quote from Shirley Chisholm, she was the first black woman elected to the U.S. Congress and a personal hero. If anyone doubts her independence, the attorney general has now This is proved in a devastating way.

In January of this year, she revealed that New York halved the number of Covid-19 deaths among nursing home residents, subverting the heroic narrative of Cuomo’s leadership in the early stages of the pandemic. Then, on Tuesday, her office announced the results of an investigation. Five months of investigation Allegations of sexual harassment against the governor. That morning, some New York politicians were still betting that Cuomo would slip past, just as his first accuser has been in the months since he came forward.

In the evening, his allies were scattered under the weight of evidence compiled by James’ investigators in a 168-page report. A three-term governor who swept the empire like a king in the past decade has now been deprived of power and faces possible impeachment. James is considered a possible successor.

“Frankly, because she is a woman of color, I think many people underestimate Tish James, and every time, they pay the price,” former city council spokesperson Christine Quinn ) Say. “This includes Governor Como.”

Cuomo is not the only New York patriarch that James has been pursuing. The Attorney General, in cooperation with the Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance, has been investigating the family business of former President Donald Trump.In July They filed criminal tax fraud charges Oppose the Trump Organization and its longtime chief financial officer Alan Wesselberg.

62-year-old James is Descendants of former tenant farmers From Virginia and South Carolina. She is always described as “cute”, but also very private. She is unmarried and a devout believer. “I’m still just a girl from Brooklyn,” she said in her 2018 victory speech.

She traced her determination to become a lawyer back to her childhood exposure to the legal system after her brother was falsely accused of committing a crime. “When I look around the courtroom, all the defendants and all the individuals-family members-look like me. But not everyone in power does not,” James said in a statement. Public interview last year. “This is really unbalanced and unfair.”

After graduation, James obtained a law degree from the historic Howard University in Washington, DC. Then, she began to act as a public defender, representing tenants against predatory landlords and poor families. Her political career began in 2003 when Brooklyn opened a seat on the city council after the current Democratic president was murdered in the city hall. His brother ran to replace him. He was defeated by James in the victory of the “Working Families Party” (Working Families Party), a progressive group founded just five years ago. “Before there were progressives, Tish was always a progressive,” Quinn commented.

In 2014, James succeeded the current mayor Bill de Blasio (Bill de Blasio) as a public advocate and became the first woman of color to hold a publicly elected position. One achievement is that legislation prohibits companies from asking new employees about their previous pay—a strategy that has been accused of causing a permanent pay gap between women and ethnic minorities. “She is always looking for the people who need help most, whether they are the loudest in the political system or not,” said Travis Terry, president of Capalino, a top city lobbying company.

The job of the attorney general did not appear until Eric Schneiderman resigned due to reports of family and sexual abuse. To the obvious delight of New York voters, James criticized Trump as an “illegal president” and should be removed from office.

Before Cuomo, her tenure so far is not so much a big case as a series of cases in many aspects. She sued Google and Facebook for anti-competitive behavior, the National Rifle Association for financial corruption, the New York City Police Department’s handling of protesters, and celebrity chef Mario Batali and his business partners for sexually harassing female workers. “She never avoids bullies,” said Sochie Nnaemeka, the New York director of the Working Family Party.

Nevertheless, the Cuomo case is particularly daunting. This topic is worrying and strongly denies that the governor, who had inappropriately contacted anyone, tried to weaken the investigation.First, he promoted a friendly judge includeWhen it failed, he discredited the investigation as politically motivated.

James stood his ground and shrewdly hired two well-respected outside lawyers, Joon Kim and Anne Clark, to investigate. When it was time to announce the results of the investigation, the Attorney General was calm but powerful. “All brave women come forward and I am very encouraged,” she said. “But more importantly, I believe in them.”

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