Michel Barnier runs for French president


French political update

Michel Barnier, who served as the EU’s Brexit negotiator for four years and former French minister, has become the latest center-right politician. He publicly expressed his support for next year’s presidential election and promised to reconcile what he called The secession of the country.

“My country is underperforming,” he told the Financial Times on Friday. “It’s too divided-between urban and rural areas, between immigrants and non-immigrants, between young people and not-so-young people. Whether in stadiums or on the Internet, people are There is a lot of tension and violence.”

Although Barnier’s patience and patience have been praised in France and throughout the European Union Hard negotiations with the UK In the terms of Britain’s departure after the 2016 Brexit referendum, he was just a few Candidates from the Les Républicains (LR) party from the center right Designed to replace Emmanuel Macron as president in the April elections — and far from the most popular.

Macron was elected as a rebel liberal candidate in 2017 and was “neither right nor left” during the campaign, and far-right leader Marina Le Pen is currently the most likely to enter the second and final round of voting like them. The two candidates four years ago, according to opinion polls.

For the traditional center-right wing, the leading candidate is Xavier BertrandThe leader of the northwest region of Upper France, and the leader of the Ile-de-France region around Paris, Valérie Pécresse. The others announced so far are Barnier, Eric Jyoti from Nice and Philip Juventus, a former member of the European Parliament. Laurent Wauquiez, head of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region around Lyon, decided not to stand in line on Thursday.

Although the vast majority of French people tend to be right-wing or even far-right, the LR party will find it difficult to take advantage of this in the presidential campaign because it faces its own internal divisions and many voters have been taken away by Macron. Opinion investigators say that if the center-right movement elects more than one candidate, then the center-right movement is unlikely to succeed in running for the presidency.

Bertrand is currently the most popular center-right candidate. He has officially withdrawn from LR and refused to participate in the party primary election next month. He started the election campaign very early to preempt. After defeating her party in the local elections in northern France in June, he has been trying to present himself as the best candidate to overthrow Macron and defeat Le Pen.

Barnier said he would “obey the rules” and participate in the LR primary election. The 70-year-old veteran politician tried to distinguish himself from Macron by promising to decentralize French governance, talking about “reconciliation,” and using the 43-year-old president’s arrogant reputation.

“This country operates in a lonely way,” Barnier said. “It needs to operate more collectively.”

In addition to negotiating Brexit, Barnier is also a member of France and the European Parliament, and has served as a minister for many times, and said that he has experience at the local, national and European levels.

Like other right-wing candidates, he vowed to crack down on immigration, and his most controversial proposal is to suspend immigration for three to five years. This plan will help limit the appeal of Le Pen and her anti-immigration to voters. Immigration Rassemblement Nationalist Party.


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