“Mass Effect” is a utopia for patients with chronic diseases


Then there is Tali. Traditionally, people with weakened immune function would use the “boy in the bubble” as a metaphor.Think about Song Fei In the episode, the characters visited a young man named Donald, who was confined in a single room and placed behind a plastic sheet in a sterile environment.or Bubble boy, A movie from the early 2000s, Jack Gyllenhaal would definitely want us to forget, in which his character can only leave his house in literally plastic foam. In both cases, people with weakened immune systems are victims locked up for safety, away from injury-and away from public view.this Song Fei Plot not even exhibit Donald, except for his gloved hands.

Of course, the fact is that no one in our society is allowed to make this removal. A weakened immune system requires work, interaction, and—like most invisible diseases—we encounter not understanding but suspicion, accusations of hypochondriasis and overreaction. We wear masks before the pandemic, double during the pandemic, and we will continue to wear masks afterwards. We have been staring at the practice, asking questions and accusations, and were pulled aside by the security guards. Moreover, even now, those sneers are making a comeback with the reduction in the requirement to wear masks.

We exist in a world that is openly hostile to us in many ways—the same is true for Tally.

After spending a lifetime on a sterile interstellar spacecraft, Tali and her people’s immune systems have shrunk, forcing them to wear protective clothing.However, she was introduced for the first time Mass Effect As a young woman on a pilgrimage, she deliberately left her fleet, away from safety, and entered the wider world. She, like me, balances risks and rewards. She filters food and takes preventive antibiotics, even if others throw her face and call her a “suit rat” and threaten to cough on her.

She was hesitant and deliberate about her safety, but she didn’t let this stop her. After spending a romantic evening with Shepard, after she took off her protective clothing, she felt visibly discomfort, a runny nose and mild fever-just like immunosuppressed people often catch colds after flying or concerts. However, as everyone knows, Tully does not regret it. After talking to Shephard (and describing her sinus infection in vivid detail), she declared that the encounter “Totally worth it. “

As Jerreat-Poole puts it as a Joker, she is a “crippled killer”-she overturns the notion that the way disabled and chronically ill patients should be presented. Generally speaking, in our current society, disease is regarded as a shameful thing and needs to be hidden and handled quietly. But the clown’s limp, Tali’s fragility and Liara’s single-mindedness are always obvious. No one hides their identity or restricts themselves to the preconceptions of others. After all, Liara became an outstanding information broker in the galaxy. Tally opened up a life for herself outside of the Quelian fleet. The Joker has repeatedly proved that he is the “damnest pilot in the galaxy” assertion.

Even the player’s avatar and the powerful fantasy realization super soldier Commander Shepard is not as absolutely reliable as one might imagine: Shepard undergoes regular inspections and after undergoing life-saving surgery—especially, no Turn them into a living weapon with a gun-like many organ transplant recipients, they wear scars and wounds and lose years. Or, as Shepard’s steadfast shipmate Garrus Vakarian said of the resurrection: “If it doesn’t cause you any trouble, it’s amazing.”

The game will never indulge in this darkness, nor will it fall into pity, nor will it ever become a victim of a healing storyline that denies everything that happened before. instead, Mass Effect Recognizing that illness and disability are only part of life, and it is constant for millions of us.

In summary, the trilogy is not completely Perfection-Thane’s salvation was only inspired by his diagnosis, and Cerberus’ “variant” human army further promoted the Darth Vader-style “medical equipment means evil” stereotype. And the Project: Overlord task grotesquely tortured an autistic patient, with graphics and sound effects “playing as a truly sensory person, which is physically uncomfortable,” Genn said. This is a shocking two-hour dehumanization and inaccessibility (and something that should probably be left out) Legendary Edition Reissue).

However, in all three games, the advantages outweighed the disadvantages. “There are problems, but there is also the joy of being recognized,” said Rogers of Tarn.this Mass Effect The series understands the reality of coexisting with disease in a way that few games have ever done. More importantly, it understands that disability or chronic disease does not mean that you sometimes cannot save the galaxy.

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