Mark Zuckerberg’s Metaverse is bad


Zuckerverse is future.Just a week ago, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) announced in a statement Long interview Together with Verge, his social network is preparing to become “a meta-universe company.”

First appeared in Neil Stephenson’s 1992 science fiction novel avalanche, Metaverse is the immersive successor of the ideal incarnation of the Internet-a virtual space where billions of users will move, interact and operate in countless different but interoperable worlds and situations, always retaining them Avatar identity, virtual property and digital currency.It is difficult to determine the meta-universe (more on that later), but the recognizable shape in the fog of cyberpunk is a version of Ernest Klein’s novel Ready player one Satisfy Fort night Satisfy Virtual Reality Meet the blockchain. A game galaxy that seamlessly merges with the meat space.The important thing is Metaverse Now it’s the buzzword du jour, and Facebook wants to get a piece of the pie. The bad news is that Zuckerberg’s meta-universal ambitions sound boring.

In interviews, Zuckerberg repeatedly gave up language that seemed to be plagiarized directly from a 40-page insight report from a boring consulting company. He is full of lyricism for Metaverse’s ability to increase “concentration time and personal productivity”. He created a boring formula “Infinite Office”, which is considered an ideal scene, in which Metaverse residents summon multiple virtual screens on their Oculus VR headsets in order to handle them like professionals Multiple tasks.Zach “excited[ed]”(!) About Metaverse’s potential for organizing VR office meetings.

Metaverse evangelists and open source advocates have been worried Big Tech invades Metaverse, On how the usual suspects-Facebook, Google, etc.-will consolidate their control of the digital world, collect our data and repeat the rote practice of surveillance capitalism and the subsequent misinformation and manipulation And check the ills.However, the invasion of the metaverse by large technology companies may not become a super evil power grab, but just make the metaverse an uncool snooze festival-a hybrid between the two Downpourof Stupid detective work ARI glasses And the crude rendering of Accenture blog posts.When Microsoft started talking The unlimited opportunities of “enterprise meta-universe”, You know there will be no fun.

The idea of ​​Metaverse is always easily captured by the company square, if any, because it is not even clearly defined. The ur-texts of metaverse——avalanche And it can be said Ready player one——It is science fiction, and it cannot really form the basis of rigorous research.Venture capitalist Matthew Bauer is closest Systematic research is what constitutes the meta universe, While leaving some space to explain what we will eventually see when things happen. Facebook and Microsoft decided to come up with their vision, no matter what the buzzword will become, this is natural, but their lack of imagination is also frustrating.

In almost all analyses of Metaverse, a key factor that seems to always be quietly discussed is its nature. crisis Technology. Although most meta-prophetors expect that this virtual universe will almost naturally evolve with technological progress and social dynamics, they have not really explained why anyone wants to spend all their time there. However, in its fictitious incarnation, the meta-universe is desirable because the substitute—that is, the earth—is unbearably dark.exist avalanche, People are unscrupulous in the meta-universe, and the world is a violent anarchy, plagued by mafia cartels and hyperinflation; Ready player one, The global lower class living in squalid shanty towns inserted into Oasis (Cline’s meta-universe version) for several days, hoping to win the treasure hunt in the game.


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