Making “Diablo II” is simply hell


David L. Craddock is the author of more than a dozen books on video games, including break out, About the history of Apple II games, and Rocket jump, On the history of first-person shooters.

“I tend to write a lot about games made in the 80s, 90s, and early 00s,” Craddock said in episode 481 Geek Galaxy Guide podcast. “I like to write about creative people who have great ideas but are very, very restrictive. I think some of the longest lasting products — the longest experiences — can be produced from these people.”

Cradock’s most recent book is Wait a moment and listen: Book 2, About the production of Blizzard’s classic action RPG Diablo II. Craddock said that this book is much larger than this book Wait a moment and listen: Book One, About the original Diablo“In terms of timeline and games, there is still a lot to deal with,” he said. “I think 10 chapters Wait a moment and listen: Book 2 focus on Diablo IIdevelopment of. The game is that big, and what happened to Blizzard and Blizzard North is so important. This is just a bigger cause. “

The creation of Diablo II This is an exhausting process, including 18 months of brutal austerity. Employees get sleeping bags and provide regular meals, so they don’t have to leave the office. This experience dealt a heavy blow to all relevant personnel. “You miss your home, you miss your bed, you miss your significant other, you miss your friends, you miss your favorite TV show-actually watching them live with the rest of the world,” Craddock said. “These people sacrificed a lot to make this game.”

Listen to the full interview with David L. Craddock in episode 481 Geek Galaxy Guide (above). And check out some of the highlights in the discussion below.

David L. Craddock Diablo II: Lord of Destruction:

Diablo II Launched on June 29, 2000. A year later, to today, Diablo II: Lord of Destruction-The only official extension of the game-launched. Diablo II Great but Lord of Destruction Make it better.Everyone who worked Lord of Destruction Think this is their peak at Blizzard North, because in the next year Diablo IIWhen many other people in the studio-most of the other people in the studio-were wandering and became very frustrated and exhausted, Lord of Destruction The team really realized the dream of every game developer. You have a successful product, you have a pipeline to create more content for that product, you have gone through the pain of putting all these things in place, and now you can create more things. “

David L. Craddock David Breivik:

“He is one of the most burned out Diablo II, Because he put too much pressure on himself in order to succeed. It was a bit controversial, because he checked out a bit in the end.He played a lot Eternal pursuit, There are many other developers who are still staying up all night, very dissatisfied with him. But his marriage is breaking down, and he put a lot of pressure on himself in both games. He just needs to check mentally. …He said,’I am a’Seagull Manager’. I stay at home most of the time, and when I come in, I rip everything off, scream loudly, and leave.with he Said that it was his own admission. I have great respect for those who put the truth—the creative truth—before the self. “

David L. Craddock on business:

“Blizzard North didn’t want Blizzard Entertainment—the bigger company—to come in and tell them what to do, so [Blizzard North] Protect their developers from other Blizzards. On the one hand, this is what a good manager will do: if you are developing a game and you are not a manager, then the last thing you don’t want to worry about is, “Will we get paid?” or “I heard that we May be sold.” You don’t want to worry about this, the manager doesn’t want you to worry, they want you to work. But the downside is that if these managers leave and the new regime comes in, they don’t know you. You are just another face in the lineup, so there is no problem for them to let you go. “

David L. Craddock on storytelling:

“this Diablo II The cutscenes were developed at Blizzard Entertainment-they are completely separate from the development of the game itself. …You can play Diablo II No need to watch any movies, nor miss a beat, because Diablo II But you don’t have to follow the story-you can click and follow the loot. These games are replayable in nature, and every time you play the game, your attention to the story will decrease, because by then it will just be out of date. This is actually one of the issues where Chris Metzen plays such an important role in Blizzard Entertainment. Diablo 3——The version finally launched in 2012. This story really hinders, this is a mistake Blizzard North will never make. “

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