Joe Biden’s potential Jimmy Carter moment


Afghanistan Update

In the speech after Joe Biden Kabul terrorist attack On Thursday, he concluded: “Ladies and gentlemen, in 20 years, it is time to leave Afghanistan.” That moment was a terrible cycle. The United States entered Afghanistan in 2001 to expel terrorists. In 2021, U.S. troops will withdraw from the country with the support of terrorists.

The fact that it is ISIS-K, not Al Qaeda, is in charge, which is not reassuring. Isis and its Afghan branch did not exist in 2001. The organization is both a branch and a competitor of Al-Qaida. The remnants of Osama bin Laden and its long-time host, the Taliban, are now relatively moderate in the world of terrorism. After two-thirds of the generation and more than one trillion dollars, the tragic events surrounding the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan provide a measure of the inability of American elephants to suppress Islamic mosquitoes.

There is no doubt that Biden’s accusations in the last chapter of America’s longest war far exceed what he deserves. The defeat of the Taliban was an action of the entire government, two parties, and multiple presidents. But Biden’s name will always be associated with the way the United States withdraws.

On Thursday, he dug a deeper pit for himself. As the pace of U.S. withdrawal accelerated, Biden vowed that “the United States will not be intimidated.” He promised that the United States will counter terrorists “at the time and place we choose.” The gulf between Biden’s model remarks and the reality of the retreat of the superpower will be difficult for White House aides to get rid of.

The analogy between Biden and Jimmy Carter often surfaced now. It is not necessarily predictive. Carter’s disastrous Iran hostage rescue operation in 1980 is considered the death knell of his government. In fact, he is likely to lose his re-election due to the economic downturn in the United States. In addition, Carter’s disastrous defeat in Iran occurred a few months before his election standoff with Ronald Reagan. Biden has only been president for seven months.Ligen people can rebound politically from a suicide bombing Kill 241 U.S. Marines In Beirut in 1983, just a year before he faced voters again, thanks in part to economic prosperity.

But America lives in a different culture today than it was 41 years ago. Carter’s predecessor, Gerald Ford, made no criticism of Iran’s mission-Operation Eagle Claw-so wrong. According to today’s standards, Reagan’s criticism was limited. In contrast, Donald Trump, who negotiated the 2020 Doha peace agreement with the Taliban, this week criticized Biden for evacuating tens of thousands of Afghans who risked their lives to work for Americans. “What a terrible failure,” Trump said in a statement. “How many terrorists will Joe Biden bring to the United States?”

When Biden addressed the nation on Thursday, it was hard not to conclude that he was not good at his briefing. The president’s life has repeatedly been tainted by personal tragedies, and he burst into tears when he talked about the sense of loss of the families of American soldiers who fell in battle. He mentioned his son Bo Biden, who served in Iraq and died of brain cancer in 2015. The grief of the families of the deceased will be hit. The fact that Biden may have been talking about what his work is like at this moment intensifies this bitterness. Political black holes are beckoning.

For better or worse, according to Biden’s orders, the US military is scheduled to leave Afghanistan early next week. Hopefully, there will be no more suicide bombers before then. But no matter what happens, Biden’s domestic enemies will try to call him the Carter of our time. What the United States and the world see cannot be ignored.

The best way for Biden to get out of the political quagmire is to show that he can contribute to Americans in other ways, especially economics. Contrary to Biden’s statement, the United States’ global war on terrorism is not over yet—this week’s events have proved this view. The United States may now increase its vigilance. But Biden still has time and space to play a role in other areas.

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