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President Joe Biden will not lose vote on EU decision on Monday Restoring travel restrictions on Americans. But this is a bad sign.

This move is not only because Biden is unwilling to compare Europe’s opening to American tourists this summer, but also with the United States’ high Delta variant Infection rate. It did not take much time to respond to German Chancellor Angela Merkel and others who pleaded with him to lift the ban. But this will mean another battle with the US anti-vaccine campaigners. The fact that he refused to move his fingers fully illustrates the lack of influence of the European Union.

All of this started to remind them of Donald Trump. At the stylistic level, the difference between Biden and Trump couldn’t be greater. Biden is very attractive. He makes jokes with his colleagues and usually speaks the right words.It’s hard to imagine Biden Push foreign leaders aside In a group movie, imagine him launching a family-branded hotel chain. But being likable does not mean being a good ally. At this point, Europeans began to see the continuity between Biden and Trump.

The most striking thing is that Biden doesn’t take their opinions very seriously, even if he seems to be listening. Sometimes it is deserved. Many European leaders hated Biden’s way of withdrawing American troops from Afghanistan.

But in many cases, especially French President Emmanuel Macron, the voice of criticism is hollow. French withdrawal From Afghanistan in 2014. Despite this, Afghanistan is one of the areas where Biden adheres to Trump’s script. Those who still wear boots on the ground, such as the United Kingdom, are angry at the lack of negotiation.

This is not the first time Biden has caught Europe off guard-and it can be a boomerang. in May, President announced He will request a suspension of global vaccine patents at the World Trade Organization. The move was bold and unexpected. But it was stillborn. It surprised the Europeans, and they killed it.

The conclusion is that Biden is providing support to the American left to give the impression that he is accepting large pharmaceutical companies. His officials did not make any preparations with the governments of the European Union, nor did they take follow-up actions to give the initiative any chance. It boils down to a gimmick.

The bigger question is whether Biden thinks he needs Europe.The three priorities he announced are Coronavirus disease, Climate and China. The transatlantic divide on how to deal with China is one of the unknown stories eight months before the visit to the White House. The United States and its European allies have not yet formed a convincing common front on China, and it seems unlikely to do so.

European chambers of commerce, especially the German chambers of commerce, are roughly in the same position as large American companies a few years ago-strong lobbying support Continue to visit To the Chinese market. Except for the narrow areas of sensitive technology, Europe hardly supports decoupling from China.

As in Europe, this may still be the case in the Indo-Pacific region. Most of the US allies trade with China far more than with the United States. Since the United States under Biden is as allergic to trade agreements and even digital agreements as Trump, this situation is unlikely to change.

Biden’s first priority is to pass His domestic consumption bill And win next year’s midterm elections. Economic transactions with foreigners take up too much bandwidth and may be counterproductive. As long as Biden is president, this situation may remain the same.

There will also be no major climate initiatives. The Biden administration has conducted extensive evaluations of the President’s clean energy investment. $3.5tn budget billBut under his supervision, there will be no carbon price and no increase in gasoline tax.That will break He promised not to increase taxes In the middle class.

Therefore, the United Kingdom will host the COP26 Climate Change Summit in November Risk of becoming a train wreckThe British government is promoting the promise of the private sector—a common omen of political failure. Biden talked a lot about the issue of global warming, but he was not on the road. His proposal will not bring the United States close to achieving its goal of halving emissions by 2030. Biden’s climate envoy, John Kerry, is urging countries around the world to do things the United States would not do.

This left Covid. The two sides of the Atlantic are far from fulfilling their promise to end vaccine apartheid. Both parties seem unwilling to redeem them in the near future. This is an area where the goals and means of Europe and the United States match closely. But they collectively lack political will. In short, “America is back”, no matter what it means in practice. Of course not in the West.

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