It’s time to bring back the overalls


Besides, I’m sorry to have to say that, but-you look stupid already.Do you think James Dean If he has one Samsung Galaxy S10 Bulging in his pocket, its blocky silhouette permanently faded to the front of his jeans? No, he won’t. Guess what: neither do you.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I am not advocating the restoration of the bulky, loose cargo they used in 2002. Of course they shouldn’t sag below the knee; it won’t help anyone.Actually I am not very interested in goods shorts Not at all, because the existing non-drilling shorts often have good pocket space. What I care about is pants-things that most adults wear most of the time, at least when we work in person. Happily, the revival of freight design is progressing smoothly.It turns out that you can buy slimmer and more advanced goods anywhere, from Target arrive Louis Vuitton(Well, those Louis Vuitton side pockets are large and detachable, which is actually crazy; maybe don’t buy those.)

Joseph Hancock, a professor of fashion design and marketing at Drexel University, wrote his doctoral thesis on goods. Pants. “It’s like jeans got tight, then straight legs, and now it’s back to a bigger cut.”

In fact, Hancock pointed out that the goods Never really leftOf course they are still fixtures on the construction site. They are a favorite of outdoor types who like to put a knife and energy gel pack on hiking trails within reach. Then there are millions of people, mainly men, who don’t care what their wives think when they are outdated.Viral headline Wall Street Journal article This dynamic was captured in 2016: “Beautiful overalls! You sleep on the sofa.”

Five years later, there are signs that fashion leaders are ready to make concessions.Recent articles in similar places Fashion, GQ, and Mr. Fashion Assure readers that the goods are popular again. Hancock’s passion for goods is both aesthetic and academic. He believes that, inspired by the pandemic, goods are ready for the transition from fashion to comfort and functionality.

“It’s back again,” he said, especially referring to women’s fashion. “It exists in every style you can think of, from plump to skinny to capri. Gap launched three styles of overalls in the spring. Now they have five. When I saw that they had five styles, I go, well, they are investing for the fall. Banana Republic, they had one style of dress pants last year; this season they have three. Levi’s, I always think of it as a global retailer, because they are very worldwide Popular, they actually have four styles of goods now.”

But Hancock said he expects this trend to peak in the fall and subside next year. I advocate something more radical: goods, or similar things, should become the new jeans. Wearing them to the office or eating in a good restaurant should be perfectly acceptable.There is no reason to continue to fill these giant phones, AirPods charging cases and EDC multi-function tool Put it in the unsuitable front pocket.

Does this mean you will see me walking on the streets of San Francisco, stuffing my iPhone into a sleek side pocket? Absolutely not. I’m Not a trendsetter. Remember what I said about hot and stylish people?I need to you To achieve this, I am a hot, stylish reader. Only when fashion people accept it, ordinary people will believe that we can dress like fools.

Look, I like jeans very much. They are basically napkins you wear. In my ideal world, we would return to flip phones instead of relying on overalls to save us.But that is Did not happen. The flip phone is dead. At least the cargo still has a chance of a battle.

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