I teach myself lucid dreaming. you can also.


“You can say that REM sleep is a neglected resource,” said Benjamin Baird, A researcher on human cognition at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. “What if we can use this state for when people can truly control their thoughts and behaviors and decide what they want to do? State may be used for entertainment and creative problems-solving, learning how memory works, and Various [neuroscience]. ”

Baird thinks that a particularly interesting application of lucid dreaming may be in art. “One of the tricks of visual artists I met was that they found an’art gallery’ in their lucid dreams and then looked at the paintings hanging in the gallery,” he said. “Then they wake up and draw what they see. For listening to music, you can do the same thing similarly. It seems like someone else is creating it, but it’s your own idea.”

A small but growing number of scientists led by Baird and other sleep laboratories around the world want to learn more about how lucid dreaming works, how it is triggered, and whether ordinary people can be taught how to dream regularly. By studying individuals who can recall what happened in dreams, these researchers can measure and observe brain and physiological activities while correlating the cognitive processes that are occurring in the brain. For example, how does the brain perceive specific objects or physical tasks that only occur in the mind? How does it respond to non-existent visual effects? How does it simulate a part of consciousness without fully realizing it?

Some researchers, for example Martin DreslerCognitive neuroscientists at Radboud University in the Netherlands said that lucid dreaming can even be used to combat recurring nightmares or post-traumatic stress disorder and other clinical diseases. “I think this is very intuitive and reasonable. If you realize in the nightmare that it is not real, it will obviously eliminate most of the pain in the nightmare,” he said. You may be able to simply train yourself to wake up and end the dream, or to overcome very vivid fears and fears by telling yourself that it is a dream.

In an unforgettable dream, I played cards with my grandmother who passed away many years ago. This experience helped me understand my feelings for her in a way that I would never be able to do as a 13-year-old grumpy kid.


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